Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria

Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria

President Donald Trump announced he ordered strikes on the Syrian regime in response to a chemical weapons attack last weekend.

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93 Responses

  1. BlueCon says:

    Get in the bunker boys shits hit the fan!!!

  2. Deb Norton says:

    F*****g madman 😡🤦‍♀️

  3. Hichael Merbst says:


    Better stock up on stempacks, Radaway, and bottle caps.

  4. Diana De Leon says:

    Wtf is this idiot’s problem he ain’t thinking about the people in our military he didn’t have nothing to go do in Syria. Wonder wtf the idiots that supported him and voted for him think now!!!!

  5. jack man says:

    What a complete wanker

  6. Romeo Jr. Luchavez says:

    What kind of nation would you call a nation that has wide global war? US has only put oil on fire that makes it worse. US has commited mass murder everywhere they go. US behavior is sickening and will get what they deserve! What goes around comes around!

    • Billy McAuliffe says:

      Romeo Jr. Luchavez jewmerica used chemical weapons in Vietnam and two atomic bombs on Japan it’s a stolen country taken from the real American the native American

    • James Boone says:

      Romeo Jr. Luchavez funny you say that shit but your in america dumbass

  7. Victor Ochotorena says:


  8. firestone_ Firestones says:

    US didn’t respect international law, threatened sovereignty of other countries. Hitler of the modern day >:(

    • jmf r says:

      Hitler was a good man

    • Alex says:

      The fuck?! We’re hitler of modern day? If anything Assad is modern Hitler. He fucking wants to exterminate Kurds and Jews. Fucking Iran is the same. Do we make mistakes sure, we’re not fucking perfect but wtf have you done to help. At least we fucking try and we’re not like the Russians who back a animal who kills his own citizens with chemicals. At least we’re not like Iran who wish kill all Jews. Yet, America is like modern Nazi Germany. WTF

    • sumthin3789 says:

      Alex Exactly!!! These fucking idiots have the mentality of seahorses…

    • Samuel Carcamo says:

      Yeah they killed millions of innocent people just because they thought they caused a war they had nothing to with

  9. Fangfang Ji says:

    Trump need this to move the people’s attention from his domestic crisis , Russia “chemical weapon and spy poisoning” happened exactly the way America “ wanted”! Go ahead, destroy the earth!

    • Fangfang Ji says:

      Nuclear weapons would destroy everything, including the earth!

    • Fangfang Ji says:

      The investigation not yet begin, your bombs already there! No any evidence what made you think it’s Azzard who attack his own people? Show the world evidence first please!!! Even when it’s true, you still need wait for the UN‘s decision before any actions! So the fact is you could decide when and which country you would attack without any negotiations, hegemony is not suitable for it?

      Hope your whistles won’t hurt any single innocent people there!

      In addition, I Love normale America People who are warm- hearted and loving except the politicians!

    • Lizzy Uwani says:

      ErwinTube XD DO not Blame the politicians. …but the Muslim Terrorists…

  10. sucubusa says:

    Thanks America for support terrorism.

  11. steven XX says:

    USA always the one who invade other country and pretend the good one, what a Ahole

    • Natalia K says:

      Tamia Gummybear if you watch the Farenheit 9/11 movie with your eyes open, you will understand who actually was behind that. Unbelievable yet true – the us government did that to have a “reason” invade Iraq.

    • mad dog says:

      what does it have to do with Syria and Iraq invasions? How about Vietnam war? how about Guatemalan war? Stupidity is epidemic among you retard Americans.

    • Fenrir Wang says:

      Tamia Gummybear terrorist destroy 2 building, thousands people lost their lives. That is a sad story indeed. But invading Iraq, destroy their whole country and hang their president? Well thats fair.

    • Samuel Carcamo says:

      Then you clearly never listended in history clas

  12. coo3disk1 says:

    What happened to America First Donald?

  13. Д К says:

    Unfortunately It’ not Trump, it’s the system. System wants war. Trump is just a puppet.

  14. Raza Naqvi says:

    Where is iraq chemical weapons?????lie lie totally lie with no prove… is watching and know ur policy…this is in ur interest to support Saudis isis America…all spreading terror in whole world.u want to finish Assad regeme by blaming this and want to stablish ur own puppet gov like in Afghanistan karzai gov…and u want to establish ur armed bases in Syria…but this will never ever happened…world war 3,we are moving towards world war shurely.this is due to u us

    • Wyatt Koker says:

      You’re stupid.

    • Jay M says:

      > Where is iraq chemical weapons???
      Only Saddam knows. He bragged about having them.

    • Theresa George says:

      Raza Naqvi you talk about proof but where is yours, those are some pretty ridiculous theories you have there. But yes I do hope they provide evidence that it was Syria otherwise even his voters will be upset.

    • Raza Naqvi says:

      It’s u who blames then u have to prove the evidence…3 in favor 6 against but u can’t respect those u even disrespect Russia also…this is the bully character u shows…we want peace we don’t want force to violate more this situation…plz dialogue and avoid force. otherwise that’s not a good sign for the world

  15. Mary_u Anna says:

    USA go home, you made wars for 30 years in middle east millions of peapole dies becaose of youre evil politics.

  16. Jack Chats says:

    ‘what kind of nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women and children?’ – Trump. LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU MISOGYNISTIC WOTSIT

    • Ugo Barbarino says:

      The moment of truth has come! It’s time to say that white helmets are wolves in sheep’s clothing! They must answer for their evil deeds! Call the bastards to the answer!

    • Рома Лапшин says:

      Jack Chats

    • Alex says:

      Who the fuck has Trump commited genocide against? Have I been living under a rock? Because last time I check, we support Israel, therefore we can’t be nazies. We support Saudia Arabia and are trying to free afganistan and Iraq from terrorist so we don’t hate Arabs. We support Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan from all threats so we don’t hate Asians. We support the northern Iraq Kurdish from being genocide by Isis and Arab nations so we support the Kurds. So wtf have I been missing?

  17. Yuri Mironov says:

    There lived a man in the world. He lived well. He made a lot of money. He built the Tower. He found a beautiful young girl. But then, someone taught him how to use Twitter. Well, then it began! …😂😂😂

    • roky sam says:

      Yuri MironovMuslim Hate USA Not for one reason..You western kill thousand of Muslim, Christian….And Other religious only For israel. Shame….You all western are the Foreigner of this world…. You Everything Is poisonous for wrld…

    • stefan stefan says:

      Yuri Mironov truly Funny

    • Family Guy says:

      Funny af😂😂I’m dead

    • Land Squid 1234 says:

      roky sam Oh yeah allll of us huh. Because allllll Americans think that way. You’re one of the ignorant idiots on the internet that assume all Americans are like that. Most of us aren’t behind this decision. Or even this presidency.

    • Land Squid 1234 says:

      roky sam And where the hell did you get that we kill thousands if people due to discrimination? That is bullshit.

  18. Yuri Mironov says:

    Does he know that he is lying, or is he completely stupid?

  19. Fangfang Ji says:

    Show the evidence to the world first before you start the war! No more make -up for America’s hegemony!

    • Jay M says:

      Which country’s hegemony would you like to live under? America, Russia or China? How a country treats it’s citizens is probably a good indicator.

  20. Chris Roze says:

    I can’t fault Trump, the US and its allies on that. Assad is a despicable human being, using chemical weapon, chlorine and nerve gas, on civilian population, to quell a popular movement for freedom is unacceptable.

    It’s so easy to just close your eyes and say i don’t care, not my problem. But people are suffering and dying. If you can act, if you have the power, is it ok to just stand down and watch it happen?

    I am no Trump lover, but Assad’s aggression need to be answered and Putin need to shut the fuck up and sit down. Russia does not dictate its laws on the west.

    Trump has many fault, but this strike was needed.

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