Trump vows new North Korea threats will be hit with ‘fire’

Trump vows new North Korea threats will be hit with ‘fire’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday laid down the gauntlet to nuclear-armed North Korea, warning Pyongyang that if it continues to threaten the United States, it will be struck with “fire and fury.”

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20 Responses

  1. pine sol says:

    500 likes and i’ll drink myself.

  2. FireHawk 1927 says:

    Uh…should we be worried about this?
    (EDIT) Thanks for all the likes guys. I have never gotten this many before.

  3. Erik Lopez says:

    WWIII coming right up!

  4. Anthony Mayhuasca says:

    Well I’m moving to Canada

  5. dean is my everything says:

    at least i won’t have to worry about my future and career! i’ll probably die before i graduate highschool! hopefully!

  6. S H ! T P O S T says:

    Blow North Korea off the map 😝 no one threatens my home and gets away with it!

  7. King Lazo says:

    Who thinks they’re gonna die in ww3 like if you think you are

  8. jorge cuevas says:

    This dude just going to get all of us killed

  9. Ian Schmitt says:

    Tfw retarded people think China’s puppet state is gonna go to war with China’s largest consumer.

    I’ll take “me and Anna Kendrick getting married is more likely to happen” for 2000$ Trebek

  10. Janelle Villanueva says:

    I hate north Korea but Jesus Christ this is not the way to go about things you are just asking for bad things to happen.

  11. Thedestroyas says:

    Why buy cod ww2 when u can fight in ww3

  12. James Floyd says:


  13. Soopla says:

    I’m gonna deport myself back to Mexico

  14. SnowyParker says:

    <3 God bless the USA. NK must be stopped!

  15. watermaster75 says:

    No worry guys, North Korea will only send back a giant nuke. Couldn’t harm that much :/

  16. Kong Da Savage says:

    Guess I don’t have to study for my exams… I won’t live that long

  17. DREFROMPLUTO says:

    Relax everyone, I have a Pepsi

  18. RICK says:

    Nothing is going to happen. All bark from us and the North Koreans but never any bite. And if I’m wrong then I’m wrong

  19. yashiro otonashi says:

    You Trump voters still happy with him.

  20. Kira Fleur says:

    What makes you think antagonizing a violent dictator and man child, is going to get you anywhere? The Man doesn’t care about his people… He’s open that he’s willing to send them into the fire and die for the state. Trumps walking a dangerous line… You don’t want to be that guy. You have enough pressure on you as it is with the unending media pressure, constant WH leaks, internal corrupt politics, and your own inadequacies as a leader of the free people… Your campaign promised you would focus on the American people. Your problems are here. Stick to your word and fix them… Stop worrying about the fascist man child. If he sends a nuke we shoot it down, tell the world… and suddenly we’re not the bad guys anymore. China can’t sit this out if NK actually starts using nuclear weapons. Russia and the EU won’t sit out either. Nukes = The end of the world. Its at that point Pyongyang will bite off more than it can chew. Antagonizing him now isn’t going to help anything.

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