Trump vs. ‘Hamilton’ Inspires A Hip Hop Musical Spin-Off

Trump vs. ‘Hamilton’ Inspires A Hip Hop Musical Spin-Off

Stephen Colbert’s new hip hop musical is the best way for future generations to learn about the legendary Trump vs. ‘Hamilton’ feud.

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19 Responses

  1. Adrian Duran says:

    When the Electoral College decides to not give their votes to Trump, he’s
    really going to hate Hamilton

  2. Marisa Moore says:

    Victory tour…. Really?

  3. J J says:

    Called the President elect a son of a b***h. Who else is going to check
    twitter at 3am today?

  4. mae says:


  5. Milena 100 says:

    Who the fuck said that theatre is a safe place???

  6. L.D. Johnson says:

    Should’ve said “Carpe Pubis”, would’ve been funnier since it’s accurate…

  7. gamerboy says:

    Trump supporters, hate the idea of socialism and communism… but don’t
    think free speech is needed in a democracy. That my friends is a
    authoritarian govt. Worse than socialism and Communism. Good logic.

  8. Storm VII says:

    For everyone say in the comments saying that Stephen’s show is shitty and
    unfunny, let’s take a look at a few statistics for just one moment.
    *IMBd* 7.8/10 ** 7.9/10 *Rotten Tomatoes* 91% positive
    Yeah, looks like he’s still doing pretty well despite his “political
    agenda”. This show isn’t going anywhere.

  9. tatewaki2000 says:

    Colbert is just impressive.

  10. Dash Frederick says:

    Everyone hating on Stephen Colbert needs to stop no matter what politics
    have to do with it. Instead of blowing money he gets, he s donated
    thiusamds(if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars from his pocket to help
    better education in South Carolina the state he, and I, were born in raised
    is. Stephen is not only hilarious, but when it comes down to politics, he
    doesn’t take sides, he only points out what is obviously wrong with some
    things happening in this country affecting a lot of people. Sorry about
    ranting a whole paragraph but it enrages me people will insult and hate on
    a man who no matter what happens will always be a pure, good-hearted caring
    person and go out of his way to help people. Thank you, Stephen Colbert,
    for doing what you do.

  11. Jack Kelly says:

    Dude on the side making all the comments is pretty annoying.

  12. Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr. says:

    That black dude off to the side who thinks he has to comment and make an
    annoying laugh on everything that Stephen Colbert jokes about is soooooo
    fucking annoying.

  13. leofff says:

    As a non-American, I have to say that Trump being elected was something
    quite special, since it provides the likes of Colbert, Myers and Oliver
    plenty of ammunition to work with for the next four years. I’m loving the
    ride already. What a fucking moron you guys chose to lead your country.
    Best luck for all.

  14. stephen borst says:

    Saddle up America the bullshit show called Trump is soon to it’s hairy
    white ass to the planet !

  15. Mare Clydesdale says:

    XD So how long til people start screaming to boycott the Simpsons?

  16. ZA_Survivalist says:

    You liberals are still on this? Dear lord this is going to be dragged out.
    And over every little thing. Liberals are so goddamn petty.

  17. Harry Hurt says:

    I have said it before but WOW is that musician annoying. I don’t know his
    name but he never shuts the fuck up. Turn off his mic so he doesn’t keep
    interrupting the show.

  18. Joseph G says:

    His crowd is full of idiots

  19. BDSandM says:

    Proud to live in a state Trump doesn’t deem worthy enough to tour because
    he didn’t win it.