Trump vs. The World: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Trump vs. The World: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

America’s reputation is being damaged by its own president. John Oliver, several dinosaurs, and the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus remind the world that our country is…complicated.

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67 Responses

  1. John Doe says:

    Stock market is up 25% in the last year under president trump due to cuts in regulation, I am laughing straight to the bank while you libtards cry about how he hurt your feelings on twitter.

  2. TheSiemek says:

    Jared Kuschner bit is so sadly relatable 🙁

  3. Michael Endris says:

    Lol @
    Ethiopian trump

  4. CrzyLion says:

    Whats that youre saying john? i cant hear you because of the overwhelming sound my belgian 7+party system, which gives us free healthcare and free education (both better than the US, qualitatively and quantitatively), is making.

    Damn i love that sound.

    • lolipedofin says:

      Shut up and make me a waffle.

    • M Florence says:

      hum yeah thank you we know that. Except he would never have made that same joke about India, Sudan or Saudi Arabia. I guess xenophobia is funny as long as it’s about European countries. Good to know

    • True Stories Project says:

      That was more a joke about John Oliver than Belgium.   Belgium’s awesome and many of us Americans envy much of what you have to offer — and not just the chocolate!

    • Exatomos says:

      CrzyLion Belgium 🇧🇪 fuck yeah

    • Beyond Psychology says:

      CrzyLion I really wish that it was financially easier to move so that I could see what it was like to live in a place like Belgium.

      I fucking hate America… if it gets nuked I will be masturbating furiously while I watch the world burn.

  5. Mas van Hulzen says:

    You didn’t show the best part of the Hoekstra interview, where the same reporter minutes later asks him about that ‘fake news’ statement and Hoekstra denies ever saying it.

  6. OkamiMax says:

    Trump is right with one thing. Everyone is really laughing at America.

  7. aserta says:

    Personally, i don’t mind a German leadership. As a people, the last decades has decanted their problems greatly. If there’s a country out there that grew from the experiences of WW2 then it has to be Germany. UK remained the same, in some aspects, worse, France, …i doubt we will ever see a change, as far as i’m concerned they are the most stagnant people on this planet. Italy is still in the downfall stage, Spain is …well spain, and the list could go on, but i’m pretty sure that those that get where i’m pointing at (and really, the only people who matter) get it.

    Germany today, isn’t the Germany of Hitler, and i doubt it will ever be, ever again. On the other hand, other countries have shown their true colors in the last years…countries that should’ve known better, but in reality were always so, just hidden under a veil of good deeds. A pity so many died for banners that never deserved them.

    • Kameron Schadt says:

      not only that, but they can’t entirely be blamed for the shit that happened in both world wars. Yes, Hitler was a shithead and took hold of Germany with an iron grip, but he was allowed that opportunity because the allied powers screwed over Germany in every way imaginable, all over the first world war that they were pulled into because of alliances.

      Maybe Germany deserves some blame, but it sure as hell doesn’t deserve all of it.

    • Beyond Psychology says:

      aserta likely multiple nuclear weapons going off at once is the best way to fix this bullshit civilization.

      The stupid have overpopulated the planet and they argue over there diarrhea of the mouth opinions or keep themselves nice and distracted from ever learning anything tangible to the point where they are causing a slow torturous death to the biosphere.

      The phenotype expression of biology that equate to the more simple-minded and or club wielding Neanderthals are an invasive species. They are out of control cellular duplication, a cancerous mass on the biosphere.

      Any stupid people reading this, well, if you don’t like these thoughts then stop pretending you know what you’re talking about, learn how to think critically, remove logical fallacy and cognitive bias and become generally scientifically aware or you’re just proving me right because you’re just going to continue to delude yourself in regards to your horseshit opinions and eventually some intelligent person will remove you from the face of the Earth. You’re rabid dog. Go cry yourself to sleep tonight.

    • Phaexos says:

      Germany as we know it today has only been around for 28 years. While the nation and the culture is older, the government itself is still just a baby. It needs to first prove itself to be stable and capable within its own borders and pass the test of time before it should be trusted with the reins of an entire continent.

    • Michael Nolan says:

      Germany is the only logical choice for economic and political leadership in the EU, and if that was all that mattered the US would have been booted out of any leadership position in the region decades ago. The million dollar question is whether or not Europeans will trust Germany in a military leadership role.

      I do think Germany is a fundamentally different country today, but I can understand why their neighbors would be alarmed at a military buildup necessary to supplant the US from that role. That said, the way we’re going, Europe might not have a choice as the only other EU power with the industry to build a war machine capable of keeping Russia out is France… and they seem to think they’re above all that.

    • Naftali Schmidt says:

      In the Netherlands we view the Germans positively, they are our closest country and trade partner (for some reason the Belgium is disliked, i don’t know why though). but i believe all Europeans need a vote. There needs to be a good split though, the northern counties in europ make more money, my mother is French, her father stopped working when he was 55, that is normal in France. in the Netherlands we stop at 67,5 years. and many keep working. I also know most northern countries work until at least 65+/- , witch in my opinion is unfair when comparing to the south, because we pay them so much for development, but it just does not change the situation. Lets also be honest about corruption in europ, especially in the Italy and Greece, if southern country don”t step up and change, i would rather not have a unified europ.

  8. Mother Nature says:

    Who is going to step up ,be the hero, and drag this moron kicking and screaming from the White House. I am hoping Robert Mueller and his staff are going to save our democracy.

    • Isaac Fratti says:

      There are no heroes. If we want our democracy saved we are going to have to do it ourselves. that is why they call it a democracy. we have to kick trump and the Republicans who support and tolerate him out of office. If we sit around waiting for a hero, we are fucked.

    • Harry P. Neth says:

      Hope in one hand and shit in the other

    • Beyond Psychology says:

      Mother Nature getting rid of trump is not going to save our democracy. Our government is bought and paid for by corporations…

      The majority of our population are a bunch of simpleton slaves. They are their own shills… Until the majority learn how to think critically or are wiped off the face of the Earth we will only have more pain.

      Until the intelligent are revered like pop stars our civilization is going to continue to crumble.

    • Joseph Igot says:


  9. SamurottStormers says:

    I’m a conservative and yet I still love this guy.

  10. Aske Ryskov Kjær says:

    One of the great examples of this is Denmark. The old ambassador, Rufus Gifford, was absolutely adored. He had a cult following. Seriously.

    Trump appointed a soap opera star. I haven’t seen her at any serious public appearance yet. She’s just ignored.

  11. Matt_da_bomb12 says:

    Welcome back old friend

  12. Meer Marden says:

    another hit piece..

  13. Victoria Mahon says:

    Donald trump does not reflect America 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. TheMrSirCharles says:

    Yeah. PLEASE build that wall, Donald. But around the whole US and A. And just stay inside that border.

  15. Le Derp says:

    He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly
    HE BAC

  16. agiar2000 says:

    It is good to see John Oliver again. 🙂

  17. thenormalstate says:

    He’s BAAAAaaaaAACKK!

  18. okrajoe says:

    I am mentally ready for Matt Lauer as “Wonder Woman”

  19. Emily K says:

    It’s funny that this video isn’t available in Australia but at the end he does a whole speech directed at, among others, Australians. I had to use a VPN to watch a video aimed at me.

  20. Teman Mancing BATAM says:

    I would love to visit America one day, to go Bass fishing and see some snow..two thing we don’t have. Cheers from Indonesia 🇮🇩 😊

    • Andrew Hall says:

      I would welcome you with open arms and take you to a mountain myself.  And I would try not to scare away any bass with my profuse apologies for “Conservative Christians” and Justin Bieber.

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