Trump: We will suspend travel from Europe to US for the next 30 days

Trump: We will suspend travel from Europe to US for the next 30 days

President Trump addresses the nation from Oval Office calling on Congress for an increase in budget, pay roll tax relief, and a 30-day travel ban Europe.

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62 Responses

  1. Ifeanyi Nwajiaku says:

    God bless America and all the nations of the world.

  2. 11 Bravo says:



    So borders you can control is a good thing ? Who would have thunk ?

    • superfisher28 says:

      @Action Jackson Ahh it’s simple buddy. If you stop travel you stop the spread of the disease. the only reason why it’s even in America now is because somebody who was in China or Europe then traveled here. The virus doesn’t get on a plane on its own and fly over.😆

    • MEP M says:

      @Bar Pluc people were coming in and out of this country from China before the presence of this virus was even detected… unknowingly people were carrying it. In a global society it seems impossible to prevent viruses from spreading throughout the world..

    • MEP M says:

      @Randy Marsh not even close…

    • MEP M says:

      @Knick he has driven up the debt to an unprescedented level…next he’s trying to balance it on the backs of the middle class..cutting Medicaid, Medicare and social security…

  4. Kathleen Ellis says:

    Thank you…God Bless America

  5. Wesley Bickel says:

    I’m sure they’ll start screaming in 3 2 1

    • suzy schwarz says:

      Wesley Bickel The demonrats never stop screaming like a horror movie. That’s all they have

    • Kam 90 says:

      @suzy schwarz Science and common sense are things Trump has been ignoring for months. He said himself this whole virus thing was not a big deal and would magically go away on its own. Scientists told him he was wrong, yet he refused to listen.

    • suzy schwarz says:

      Kam 90 not true he has done more than anyone in the world to keep the virus at bay and better job than anyone in Europe, the rest we really don’t have any grasp on. Sick and tired of day in day out Trump bashing.

  6. tomcat 69 says:

    I work with disability adults seniors I am worried about them.

    • Packfan69 says:

      @Loretta Gallegos The Democrats are for alerting the public about the dangers of this virus and they agree with the scientists who warn how dangerous it can be. This is the type of crisis that shows how unprepared and incompetent your president is.and how dangerous he really is.

    • Allison Smith says:

      @Packfan69 Trump is just as prepared as the Obama Adminstration was. All the policies of Obama were kept in place except removing some superfluous administration jobs. What do you think he should do or could have done before judging something so complex?

    • IKIGAI says:

      Loretta Gallegos meanwhile pelosis districts are covered in poo.

    • IKIGAI says:

      Packfan69 like when the dnc rigged bernie with superdelegates in 2016 and even now again in 2020?

    • Vincent says:

      Packfan69 hope ur ok 😘

  7. Chuck Norris says:

    why was he so short of breath here?

  8. Terry Daktyl says:

    While everyone spins out over this, the Russian Parliament passed a bill extending Putin’s so called ‘presidency’ until 2036. Yet this is hardly mentioned but yet, is a big world item.

    • nonam namrson says:

      Putin is a non-issue. Their country has all of the economic might of Italy. China is by far the biggest threat, and they are a legitimately hostile nation.

  9. Das Karnickel says:

    I think we all can see that almost everyone is pulling together on the covid19 issue. Maybe a cure or at least a vaccine. Be well & Peace!

  10. Ben Garcia says:

    0:32 chills. Uh oh

  11. DaveD1868 says:

    Joe Biden challenged the Coronavirus to a fist fight.

  12. Jimmy Gallop says:

    suspend travel from EVERWERE

  13. Seb says:

    A guy at my school went to Paris for spring break… he’s stuck and is gonna miss literally everything

    • jared glass says:

      Well……that education isn’t affording him much then is it ??

    • J Lewis says:

      Many colleges are suspending classroom studies and sending all of their students home, where they will continue their education online. So he could’ve stayed in France.

    • Zairner Muller says:

      He could go to Africa and then come to USA

    • AlreadyWon says:

      @jacobobeast Its not a “risk”. You people believe everything on TV. If people didn’t travel based on diseases our society would collapse, look up how America gets its resources from allied countries and how we support each other

  14. j heggis says:

    Buy airline stocks when they lower.

  15. Eevee XD says:

    Is number one on trending but it says two in the video.

  16. Jacob Lane says:

    0:35 when you have to sneeze, but doing so will send the whole world into chaos

  17. Daniel says:

    All them kids studying abroad just like “oh”

  18. Monique Desireé says:

    My friend was studying in China. So happy she made it back home before these travel bans

  19. vincent paris says:

    he was mentaly sick, but now he is just plain sick : scarry

  20. Maethen Dias says:

    meanwhile, media makes bucks with panic hype

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