Trump Wedding Planner: “I Do” To Post | The View

Trump Wedding Planner: “I Do” To Post | The View

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20 Responses

  1. I'm Always Right says:

    This Trump admin is insane

  2. Michael Clements says:

    impeachment trump Mike pence now impeachment now impeachment trump now impeachment trump Mike pence now

  3. I'm Always Right says:

    Good point Whoopi – they always say Obama had no experience & was unfit to be president

  4. Ayveel Robinson says:

    I’m just here for the comments by Trump supporters who defend these type of things. “Snowflakes upset because jobs are being created.” “Libturds mad because Trump is making America great again.” “See I told you Trump wasn’t racist, he hired a black woman who is a wedding planner to run housing in New York and New Jersey. Smart move”

  5. Aline Sandallo says:

    To be a waiter you need experience! This is a nightmare!

  6. Trey Corteź says:

    She’s black of course she should do housing in the ghetto. What’s the big deal?

  7. DreamingTata VeganMama says:

    I’m so shocked! His previous picks are horrible, and now it’s getting ridiculous!!!!

  8. J K says:

    This entire Trump administration is full of uneducated, inexperienced and incompetent people. God help us !

  9. Kathy Schwab says:

    All individuals hired for positions involving public housing should be required to live in public housing. Nothing corrects a problem for the public like a government official having to personally deal with the same problem, experienced or not.

  10. JazzyT747 says:

    I remember applying for a job with a sanitation company in NJ… Waste Management. I didn’t get the job because they said I didn’t have experience. (throwing trash into the back of a truck )

  11. palmtrees101 says:

    Such an insult to all the people who work their entire lives on urban housing, and then this lady gets it just because she is black with no experience in the field at all.

  12. Trent Timoy says:

    “seems smart” and “having no experience” is NOT a great combination, JEDIDIAH!!

  13. Sku M says:

    generator is great… is greater

  14. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Whoopie always hijacks every conversation. Just change the name of the show to whoopies view

  15. Yasmin Naik says:

    So he bypassed thousands of people who worked hard and achieved experience and education to qualify for a job like that. Bravo to the stupid orange outang

  16. Suit One says:

    Oh this is a place full of liberals. So negative. I’ll go back to my conservative channels now, where we’re winning. 🙂

  17. Quinta Brown Deriona says:

    Exactly…he is learning in the job but Obama had to be the Paragon of Purity… SMH

  18. Zebulon Crawford says:

    this is when you wish the movie “Olympus Has Fallen” actually happened…

  19. Mark Metz says:

    installs a generator, finds it 1 week later at the pawn shop

  20. Harrison Rhoades says:

    Nice 55,000 views and on trending. Youtube will sponsor anything if it bashes Trump.

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