Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

President Trump speaks to reporters duringthe Coronavirus Task Force news briefing at the White House.

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71 Responses

  1. Hal Goofler says:

    Good thing i never leave the homestead to begin with. Been self quarantined for 15 years now 😂😂😂

    • look2theLORDb4its2late says:

      @MarcoPolo1 SorosPaidShill absurd. He obviously has work, internet and devices to not be hidden. To be hidden you take it all away and live with out devices. That day is coming when we won’t have access. And that’s ok. You might be fine because you don’t know your Father who created you. Truth is your not going to be fine. Your father is the devil. It shows in your attitude. Satan will give you what ever you want. But God will give you life forever in His Kingdom if you choose to listen to Him. It is God pulling you near, listen and obey. It will be the best thing you ever did besides being born into the world. Have life in Christ before He returns and the change in you will manifest great wisdom and knowledge to you. Joy and peace will come. Truth and righteousness will set you free. Repent in the name of Jesus and accept His truth. The Son of Man. Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord’s and King of King’s. I pray you hear.

    • Candy 2019 says:

      Going out in public is over rated as we can see. Literally everyone in public that I interact with gets on my nerves… This is a sign, to myself, that I am just not “built” to meddle with the general public. I think the elite don’t go out in town for the most part.

    • Stephen Nyberg says:

      just like us up in the frozen north.

    • Stephen Nyberg says:

      @MarcoPolo1 SorosPaidShill laugh now. when shortages come to the city, and looting and rioting and stealing begins, we here on the ranches and farms will just eat our animals and crops, happy as can be.

  2. DipStick JD says:

    Chloroquine – the best word for the next spelling bee.

  3. Tony Montana mang says:

    Man, I gotta start reading/watching OAN lol

  4. Mary Kantor says:

    We need our leadership healthy!

    • Rob Walker says:

      @Thore Karlsson you did not use the proper Trump grammar – really..really really bad.

    • Rob Walker says:

      @Joe Hanks Sure but they could do not nothing when they have not existed for 3 years. Also, it is highly likely that some of what Trump might have done correctly were probably some of what that group had already worked on.

    • Joe Hanks says:

      @Rob Walker Actually it was dissolved in 2018.

      I don’t support all the policies of any politician but I am not going to down talk them their entire term.. I have a respect for the office and my fellow Americans. I didn’t agree with several actions of the last administration but you wouldn’t see me screaming from the rooftops.

      The dificences in our systems are much older than President Trumps term by far. I never believed in the so called “Pandemic Response Team” from the beginning. I really don’t blame President Trump asking them leave, I would have done the same thing. What was their purpose? One would think it was to be prepared for a pandemic hence the name.

      So what did they actually do? Nobody has been able to answer that one for me. Evidently the team was waiting on a pandemic to respond to then wing it.

      My opinion is they would have been focused on putting in legislation and measures to be prepared. This is a list of some of things that should have been done years ago and this team should have done it. It is our loss for tax money that went to the failed effort.

      Supply chain: Protocol to switch over acquisition of PPE products, medicine and other crucial products to homeland companies immediately and automatically.

      Benefits: Pay out disability and SNAP for the following month within 48hrs of a “National Emergency ” being declared. This would reduce panic and give the administration and Congress who ever it may be a window to a determine the next step.

      Travel bans:This should be a flip of a switch but allow American Citizens to come home through specified quarantine procedures.
      But now it is racist to close a board. I would be viewed as an equally opportunity hater because I would close them all until the situation was assessed.

      These are just a few things that should have come out of the “Pandemic Response Team” but I may be mistaken.

      The releasing of the “Pandemic Response Team” and reduction of CDC funding(which didn’t happen, just a proposal in his 2019 budget) had nothing to do with where we are today. State labs have very low testing capabilities, generally able to process 250 or test a day.

      I welcome constructive criticism but please keep the dumb comments down to a minimum.

    • cursedwarrior3 says:

      Thore Karlsson how many accounts do you tab in and out of to get your pathetic point across. No one here cares about your hatred for people. No one here cares about you tiny brain pondering why we don’t think like you. Go somewhere else, you have been indoctrinated with the ideals of the left that all is bad unless they are in power.

      In November you will be able to vote and yes your vote does count but so does all of ares. He will be your president like it or not. You do have the option of always leaving the country if you hate it that much.

      Trump 2020 a healthy leader doing what he can for Americans.

    • Alice Rose says:

      @Thore Karlsson and how so? all ive seen is a president thats putting us first. responded from the very beginning. has been working hard to battle this virus so we dont all end up dead. have you not seen everything he has done for us? we would be so much worse off if it wasn’t for him. hes brought tests to us that will now bring results faster then the original tests that were made. hes redoing the whole system for us so we dont have to suffer later on like we are doing now. something that the dems should of done when they were in office. but all they care about is politics and the money that goes in there pockets, even now!

  5. Mim Allen says:

    Thank you Commissioner Hahan. Are we going to start making all of our medicines now ? We can not depend on China to make our medicines anymore.

  6. alpha says:

    South Korea has already tried Remdesivir, the anti viral drug they mentioned here. I read about it a few days ago. It helped stop the virus effects soon after taking it, the article said. People started recovering immediately after taking it. it was a good review of Remdesivir.

  7. noemi barrios says:

    and that brown journalist is a hack, oh and I am brown!

  8. Travis Buchanan says:

    I heard that uvc light can sterilize masks not 100% sure but if so could this be a stop gap until we can get the mask production up to protect our health care workers

  9. In The Kitchen says:

    Four very critical patients in India were given chloroquine, all survived. Ages, infant to elderly.

    • [Arjuna] says:

      1.3 billion indians, 3 deaths, all over 60. Makes perfect sense.

    • tony montana says:

      Is it true ? I hear that the reason the children are way less infected is the rubella vacine protection fights the virus?? Any truth to this?

    • Pete says:

      Lisa Micarelli You know India is in Asia, right? Cmon Lisa you’re making us Americans look bad smh

    • Ren Reese says:

      @Lisa Micarelli my mom had a massive 17mm kidneystone blocking her kidney. The Indian urologist who was on-call refused to give my screaming/vomiting mom any pain medication or any medical treatment. we had called believing he wouldsay go to the ER. instead (at 10pm) he said he ordered us “do not take her to the ER. that he would not meet us there or call in any orders.

      we of course took mom to the ER right away. When we got there we told them we had tried to reach the urologist and explaiNed his shocking behavior to the ER nurse. They of course followed hospital protocol to contact the designated urologist and got the same issue. he ordered them to send my mom home with no treatment or medical care!! The nurse came to advise us that he refused to come in or to give orders. She assured us not to worry ! that they could override his derilect of duty. They weren’t obligated to neglect a patient just because he did! She had already contacted hospital head physician to address it and a staff doctor was ordering the needed medicine. In a few minutes the medicine was administered and my mom immediately cared for. in India, men are allowed (even expected) to discriminate against women. They can literally heartlessly let them die of a ruptured kidney. Flagrantly not caring who knows!
      Your dad was fortunately not a woman.

    • Mahogan e-mic says:

      Something seems amiss about your stats…

  10. Fernanda Adame says:

    There has been an amber alert that we have to stay away from eachother and we can’t hug or highfive anybody because of the coronavirus

  11. Harry kiolBASSA says:

    OAN asked the Best question of the briefing

  12. The Liquid Canvas says:

    Try to count how many times she blinks. I lost track around 400 or so.

  13. James Hughes says:

    I wonder if we could quarantine the nasty, do-nothing but complain media talking heads?

  14. tossed but not sunk ss says:

    You can tell by the blinking these people haven’t been sleeping

  15. DSXmachine says:

    The last question was the most important question of the entire briefing.

  16. Emeralds Vizo says:


  17. John Bell says:

    The wall isn’t built so Trump is taking my advice…..
    “Forget about the wall, keep Americans in!”

  18. sluana1 says:

    That woman Dr behind him was getting stressed as he talked about the drugs

  19. Paula Prasatik says:

    Love how he said 75% of the reporters should leave immediately ~ especially the one in particular!!!

  20. Timothy Scott says:

    The United States has faced big challenges historically and persevered. We were never ready in the beginning nor did it come at a time of our choice. We’ll beat this bug. Invest in America. God bless this great country.

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