Trump Will Be Ready On Day One-Ish

Trump Will Be Ready On Day One-Ish

Stephen expresses how Donald Trump is readying to prepare to be ready for day one on the job.

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20 Responses

  1. Kwality Kontrol says:

    What experience do you have?

    Zero, but I’ll get experience when you hire me.

    You’re hired.

  2. Oliver Paler says:

    I’m graphic design from the Far East and I know the difference between
    Hamas and Hezbollah! This is not a gotcha question, nor this is ridiculous!
    Trump, I get it he’s a prick but who votes for a prick?

    • Adam “Zachev” Allard says:

      I’m not even registered to vote, and I’m considering registering just to
      vote against him… It really is sad that people are actually considering
      him a candidate.

  3. CMoney Mark says:

    Trump is a cartoon character

  4. tubekxb says:

    Colbert and Conan – saving late night comedy from the plague of lip-sync

  5. Slurpon Muhdick says:

    Fucking hilarious.

  6. Jan Itor says:

    Anyone remembers Arthur?

  7. FirestoneX says:

    oh I wish that you would just upload the entire episode.

    • Jupiter Kansas says:

      +Starvingpuppies plus single clips are much more sharable.

    • Starvingpuppies says:

      +FirestoneX They pretty much do, they just separate every part of the
      episode into 8 youtube videos. If they uploaded the entire episode into 1
      video, they would make less money from ad revenue. The show is pretty much
      30 minutes long, but the commercials add another 30 minutes, advertisements
      are annoying but necessary.

  8. Mr Cuddlydropbear says:

    I’m at a 75% want bernie to win, 25% want trump to win, as in 75% of me
    wants to see the country succeed, then the terrible side of my at 25% wants
    to see the world burn :D

  9. chasemebaby says:

    The worst thing about Trump is, any ass hat that comes up behind him in the
    polls (no matter the side) can look normal compared to him. Some super
    pretender could end up blindsiding america with a normal demeanor and end
    up being a bigger POS behind the scenes. Trump has really shaken things up
    & changed the way politicians are going to have to get their message across
    to the myopic numbskulls of the USA. I love it.

  10. cellphonekid2 says:

    The Colbert Report, part 2!

  11. CupofKona says:

    at 0:27 anyone else notice that weird audio overlay? like double laughter
    or something lol

  12. Levi Stringfellow says:


  13. Kicker_inc says:

    Stephen is the new David Letterman for me.

  14. JimmyKingster says:

    Donald Trump is such a fucking clown. So glad I live far from the US.

  15. Hype a little bit says:

    To all them republican retards, thanks for supporting this guy and thanks
    for helping the democrats to win. :D