TrumpCare, Russian Ambassadors And Other Things Bad For Your Health

TrumpCare, Russian Ambassadors And Other Things Bad For Your Health

Unlike the GOP’s new healthcare plan, Stephen’s monologue offers full coverage, including treatment for Russian ambassadors with pre-existing connections.

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19 Responses

  1. Nailhimself says:

    GOP Healthcare Plan: Don´t be poor. (or old)

  2. FreneticKey says:

    What scares me are Trump’s paranoia on surveillance & his lies Bad guys = Bannon, Trump, Putin, Flynn, Miller the list goes on – I am so sad for America.

  3. AC4X says:

    Everyone keeps saying they released a plan. It seems more like they released incomplete ideas.

  4. Paul Corrigan says:

    Sean Spicer “I’m not fine”. We know Sean, we know.

  5. virgen fj says:

    “The acient ones.”

  6. JazGalaxy says:

    “This is a plan when you can choose YOUR plan. And you know what the plan is. THIS plan.”

    Nobody is gonna mention how continually dictatorial Trump is, even when it’s about something completely innocuous? “You can vote for anyone you want in Americas free elections. There’s just one person on the ballot. Me. Vote for whomever you like.”

  7. yaddar says:

    I seriously doubt the Republican party will win any election from now on.

    they will get shredded by future historians, much like the slavery supporters get shredded now.

  8. Sidney Alberts says:

    Trumpsters got conned BIIIIIIG!!!!

  9. I AM GROOT!!!!! says:

    Wow!!! I’m here early? I gotta use this opportunity to say something meaningful………..

    F@CK Donald Trump!!!!!???

  10. I feel It says:

    The truth behind why republicans and rednecks can’t stand obama care is because they can’t stand that it’s named after the first black president

  11. Patricia A says:

    It’s so interesting to see the gradual decline in pro-Trump comments in the top section, as well as the like:dislike ratio on the video.

  12. borussen 1909 says:

    Guess I’m not visiting the US anytime soon or ever.

  13. Ry Sun says:

    This monologue is on fire. Colbert is #1 in late shows.

  14. M Umo says:

    Has Trump read the plan? Can he read the plan? Does he know what’s in TrumpCare?

  15. Bruce Crossan says:

    Not TrumpCare… #SwampCare or #FakeCare

  16. Nina Stellanova says:

    Trump is a terrible liar! Soooo, let me get this straight: Trump “knows” that Obama wiretapped him and that this wiretapping proves that nothing was found…Okay, then, WHY wouldn’t Trump want to spotlight this evidence so that the country and the world can see that nothing was found in order to prove, once and for all, that he has no connections with Russia???

  17. Kiki Lula says:

    Are TSA agents qualified to do breast cancer screenings now that planned parenthood will be defunded? Clever!

  18. Ry Sun says:

    Trump is like King Geoffery: childish, uncaring and vengeful. Also being a member of a rich family. Spoiler alert , Geoffery died a horrible death.

  19. Márk Dávid Lovas says:

    After all the complaining last week we should thank the people who run this channel for not cutting the monologue into a lot of short clips. So, thanks!

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