Trump’s apology to women with all the BS removed

Trump’s apology to women with all the BS removed

Edited by Rob Beschizza (@beschizza)

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20 Responses

  1. Bruce Miller says:

    My support for TRUMP is still….I will vote for honestly before
    dishonestly anyday and hope voters in this election will have WISDOM and
    see the difference ….. BTW check out TRUMP OVERTURE 2016 on U-TUBE!!!

  2. Bobby D says:

    H C ?♿?♿?♿?♿?

  3. Pool says:

    You know, Youtube just fucking hates Trump.

  4. garrett21 says:

    Youtube is shit

  5. Hugh Mungus says:

    You people are so hard to satisfy. The man apologizes for a private
    conversation from 10+ years ago, and its a conversation that many men have.
    Yet everyone bitches about this shit. So what? Who fucking cares. He talked
    about thinking a woman was hot. So fucking what. Every guy and woman has
    thought someone else was hot/sexy.

  6. MrHogslice says:

    It’s true, guys talk trash when they’re with the fellas. Trump

  7. Jesus Perez says:

    There are people alive, right now, that are actually happy to think Hillary
    will become president of the United States.

    Think about that for a second.

  8. Yasuo The Unforgiven says:

    the only people online are kids and people who aren’t voting. Hilldog is
    losing, sorry kids and angsty teens.

  9. Darcseid27 says:

    ????? it was all BULLSHIT lol

  10. Samuel Baugh says:

    I don’t think Trump is a good person or deserves to be president. Still,
    I’m having to vote for him, not because I care for him, but because he’s
    better than Hilary. He’s not a criminal, a Sellout, a Murderer, or a Rapist
    defender, just an obnoxious brat sometimes. If Mike Pence was the one
    winning for president, he’d win in a landslide, because he actually seems
    like at least a decent guy. Trump will do some stupid crap, but at the end
    of his term at least we’ll still have an America left to fix.

  11. Adrian Lacey says:

    wow, do these ppl have anything better to post?

  12. Shmalien says:

    Let’s be real at least trump is very open about things. Unlike Hilary and
    those emails hehe xd

  13. Goll Koll says:

    Fuck people who support Trump, Fuck people who support Hilary. Both are
    fucking mentally handicap children. One whose really good at telling jokes
    the other whose good at telling lies.

  14. Jason Prudencio says:

    If you support Donald Trump you’re a racist and a misogynist. End. Of.
    Story. Can’t argue the truth.

  15. Giancarlo says:

    I bet you trump has paid money for underage hookers, this will make
    headlines soon.

  16. ACR says:

    If trump got elected president his retarded supporters would still blame
    hillary for everything that’s happening in this country.

  17. Grayson Myers says:

    It’s amazing that these inhaling videos never fail to make me laugh

  18. amicha256 says:

    TO ANYONE THAT SUPPORTS TRUMP: This comment is legitimate curiosity on my
    part; not trying to start anything, just trying to get a perspective bc I’m
    surrounded by so, so many liberals:
    • Do Trump’s comments on women, Muslims, and Hispanics bother you at all in
    the slightest? Like, do you believe he doesn’t mean everything he evidently
    says or is there something about him that’s more important to you than his
    view on other people or something else? [ Remember, pure curiosity, no bs ]

  19. ASE says:

    ????? G G

  20. mark84g5 says: