Trump’s Budget Explained

Trump’s Budget Explained

I don’t really know what this budget is meant to do aside from raise military spending dramatically while keeping spending almost exactly the same as it is now. It’s remarkable how close they kept the actually dollar amount spent. The Bloomberg article below has the best look at some of the individual programs that are being cut.

When looking through sources you might see that different organizations have different numbers for how much has been cut. Different organizations have counted differently. Some don’t include the mandatory spending in the number (mandatory spending can increase, but there’s no way to stop it from increasing.)

I’m bummed about a lot of this budget. A ton of NASA’s Earth Science (which is both efficient and valuable) is being scrapped. So many programs that help people who need it, especially the after-school and educational assistance programs. It will be interesting to see how the fight goes in congress.

A selection of sources I used:

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20 Responses

  1. Trash Can says:

    Wait. They’re REDUCING education??? I live on Oklahoma and our schools already dont have near enough money. Teachers can barely support themselves off of their income. The fact that there will no longer be scholarships and stuff is insane. This is a problem. Education is important because it is building the future of our country. Greeaattt

  2. Ashes H says:

    The EPA losing so much makes my skin crawl. In my college biology class we already have sources about climate change that just don’t exist anymore because they’ve been deleted. I can’t even imagine what is to come.

  3. viveladecadence says:

    Just to make this perfectly clear: I clicked “like” because i like and apprechiate how Hank explains the budget in this video. If I had to show what I think of this budget my mouse button would be broken from hitting the dislike button too hard.

  4. Monkey D Theories says:

    i dont even understand why we were spending so much on defense even before trump

  5. PC Principal says:

    Seems like this budget will bring degression to our society. Everything that was cut would actually help us in the future. Do we really need more fighter jets and nukes?? Why not invest more in clean energy and biological research?

  6. Renee Z says:

    How do we voice our opinion against this budget? Call our congressmen and women? Is there anything else?

  7. vlogbrothers says:

    Great video, Hank, although I might add that in addition to supporting Big Bird, PBS also funds two Crash Course series each year. Without PBS, there would be no Crash Course Computer Science, Physics, U.S. Government, or Astronomy. -John

  8. Dawkin Erceg says:

    I’d just like to throw out there that if you disagree with this new budget then you should call your representatives and tell them not to support this budget, or any legislation you disagree with.

  9. DaehanMD says:

    he’s also decreasing the U.S Coast Guard Budget by 13 percent even though they help a lot of people especially with cutters. its kind if sad because they are undermanned and underbudget but hopefully this plan doesn’t pass

  10. djgeek1234 says:

    this video made me cry n i’m not even american

  11. Charlie Clumsy says:

    Since Hank showed us the analytics of this channel, the only thing I can think about is the views you’re gonna get on this video compared to everything else.

  12. Y-G-J says:

    “Got money for war but can’t feed the poor” -Lil Yachty

  13. Ancient laws says:

    One problem with spending so much on the military is that your going to want to use it. I can’t imagine someone investing so much money into something without getting some sort of benefit or return. What worries me is that they’re cutting so much funding that supports low income families. This could drive so many young adults to seek out a military careers because of the promise of free education. The poor become foot soldiers, the wealthy stay safe and keep their kids out of harms way.

  14. Gaemmel Da says:

    My condolences from Germany. You’re gonna get through this, somehow.

  15. Ash bro says:

    I am not American so.. I don’t think my opinion really matters but seeing NASA’S budget getting cut just breaks my heart..
    Please America spend more money on NASA instead of your insanely overpowerd military…

  16. Jake Moyo says:

    Trump warned us that he would do this, and we played ourselves. We’ll be paying the bill to help the businesses and rich, and our government will ignore the poor.

  17. The Ravenclaw Girl says:

    How the hell do you guys spend so much on defense in the first place?

  18. MegaKaitouKID1412 says:

    Anyone who thinks that Trump’s doing the exact opposite from working for the people?

  19. Nolan Thiessen says:

    Science? Liberal propaganda that needs to be cut.
    Arts? Liberal propaganda that needs to be cut.
    Bombs? FREEDOM!

  20. Jamie Wheatley says:

    Is no one else mad about the arts, humanities, and library funding getting cut?!?

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