Trump’s Disastrous Week: A Closer Look

Trump’s Disastrous Week: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump campaign’s stumbles this week.
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Trump’s Disastrous Week: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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19 Responses

  1. simongta says:

    This motherfuckers comedy timing is off.. AND Arsenio lost his show!! smh

  2. Daniel Elijah says:

    you cant bomb a country and they/allies wont do same..its just a matter of
    when… american citizens will know that there is a thin line of stupid and

  3. Martin Collmer says:

    An honest Republican. Poling at about 33% because that is where they really
    belong once only the retards are left.

  4. DurbanCharo says:

    Hillary has the media in her backpocket…media looks for anything even
    resorts to lying to smear Trumps name, yet overlooks the corruption and
    evil amongst Hillary and her party.The establishment and corps are
    winning,Trump must win. Funny you mention racism, yet there is proof of
    racism in the Democrats which the media once again overlooks….The Clinton
    machine and the media work in sync, but if Brexit won, the establishment
    and wealthy corps can be beaten…Hillary funded African warlords, she
    simply must not win….God will deal with her sins when her times up…

  5. afrose71 says:

    Newt Gingrich should disappear back into irrelevancy.

  6. TheLifeOfWalter #FDT says:

    Donald trump likes to make babies cry

  7. Frankythechops says:

    lol dementalist

  8. João Mauricio says:

    yet another disastrous week. why is he in the race? a mystery.

  9. xxzart Tist says:

    still waiting for a week of clinton scandals or are you afraid????

  10. Chris Stiles says:

    You could vote 3rd party. Ya know, maybe one of those 3 other candidates
    you might actually want as president. It’s so frustrating when a majority
    of people say they’ll only vote for Hillary or Trump as a vote against one
    or the other because they think voting 3rd party is a waste. If all you
    people who say that, actually sacked up and voted 3rd party anyway, we
    would no doubt break the 2 party system this election.

  11. Mau Tao says:

    ANy who support trump, for any reason, remember who they are, cull them
    from your lives… push them away, their is no good or smart in those who
    support trump, they are lessor beings, send them away from you, keep them
    away, their brains are malformed, they should all be euthenized, or at
    least ”fixed” like mutts so they do not make more babies… any who
    support trump, remeber who they are, they are the enemy, forever more, jsut
    for this thing, you can not trust them, and when you do, it is your own
    fault… remember, trummp is the litmus test… any who support him lessor
    beings, they are not worthy of life.

  12. LuckystrikeNQ says:

    A week of media campaign by the mainstream versus Trump. Important to take
    attention away from crooked Hillery.

  13. 2Ten1Ryu says:

    …Trump is not going to take the cards off the table when it comes to
    nuking Europe? This man frightens me. He really does…

  14. -Ivan Loesch says:

    I am a brain injury survivor please support my industry by buy a book or
    two, thank you!

  15. Salvatore Rizzo says:

    Seth Myers doesn’t care about America, he just wants to make jokes for
    ratings for his own gain. What a loser!

  16. Marc Mallary says:

    I can detect voter fraud by what happened to Sanders, I expect it. You are
    a sheep herder for Hillary.

  17. blackzed says:

    I think he could be president laugh at him but 100% he’s not a dumb fucker

  18. Dpw Hall says:

    If countries were to start dropping nukes on each other, then Trump would
    start WW3, theirs a reason countries dont use nukes because eventually we
    would all wipe each other out

  19. L H2008 says:

    this was quite good.