Trump’s full deposition in Old Post Office case (part 1 of 2)

Trump’s full deposition in Old Post Office case (part 1 of 2)



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19 Responses

  1. Jack Daniel Knox says:

    He did great. GO TRUMP.

  2. dyskover says:

    who needs email when you’re a bird brain? tweet tweet

  3. Chingaleralord says:

    Trump is the best

  4. Greg Torres says:

    He just tolled us at the end that he and his family been RACIST for a long
    time.. ALT RIGHT === KKK supporters .Any one supporting this Racist needs
    to look in the mirror to see what is looking back another racist that just
    came out the closet.

  5. Kevin M says:

    Is Trump really that dumb? Doesn’t know what “rental value” is? Doesn’t
    know what “good faith” is?
    Are you serious right now!!!?????

  6. Benz Jaguar says:

    The Democrats are desperate to the point of getting this judge to release a
    pointless video – They are always trying to make an issue out of an
    non-issue as a form of distraction – And in this particular situation Trump
    is 100% right – You sign any lease and try to get out of it, you must
    full-fill your obligation as per the contract, before you can be released
    from said lease – So what’s the issue, none !

  7. Method Lab says:

    Says he WANTS his businesses to benefit from his Presidential run, and
    gives positive example of Mar A Lago. It all sounds like it could present
    major conflicts of interest if he were President. Would he be making
    Presidential decisions to benefit his business empire? Will he profit
    personally when heads of foreign governments stay in his Trump Hotel next
    to the White House? Does anyone see a problem with this?

  8. Marc Romeo says:

    I’m interested to see if all of the vendor’s will be paid in full since
    Trump contends that he is VERY happy with the new hotel.

  9. Cate Ellington says:

    Love the way he ignores his own lawyers. Buffoon

  10. Jason Barber says:

    WOW. For a guy who has made his billions through real estate, Trump knows
    absolutely fuck all about leases.

  11. Shlomo Sheklesteinowitz says:

    I’m reporting all the Trump haters for hate speech :)

  12. Ultizer says:

    He is so calm & collective here, he needs to bring this Trump to the next

  13. Cartesian Phantom says:

    Thank you, God. I am so blessed to watch this. I can’t wait for this
    fucking fraud to be taken down.

  14. bones27 says:

    Trump will be the next President and will be impeached in his first 60 days
    after creating total chaos around the world.

  15. Simon Zhao says:

    He employ Hispanics, he always referred to illegals tend to have more
    murder and rapist among them than regular immigrants. mainstream media
    twisted his words, and most uninformed people just think he’s racist.
    Illegal immigrants doesn’t not equal immigrants. and it’s not race
    specific. anyone think illegal immigrants refers to a race is racist
    themselves. illegal immigrants could be coming in from any country

  16. Sorry Not Sorry says:

    I love watching low key Trump. He will be an excellent President.

  17. David Dave says:

    You’re all dumb**ck’s! Hillary lies? Yeah…..just like every other
    politician! This guy has NO ability to lead the country. These campaigns
    have been going on for a year now and I have yet to meet a Trump voter who
    has a single brain cell in their head. They’re all racist, low brow,
    un-educated, simian, throwbacks. I keep reading about smart republicans
    that are voting for trump, but I have yet to meet one!

  18. Jose Munoz says:

    He mentions his poll numbers in a deposition lmao

  19. flaggerify says:

    Trump is a clueless buffoon.