Trump’s full speech from Oval Office on shutdown and border wall (Full national address)

Trump’s full speech from Oval Office on shutdown and border wall (Full national address)

President Donald Trump made his case for funding for a border wall on the US-Mexico border during a national address to the nation from the White House Oval Office. #Trump #CNN #News

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77 Responses

  1. Steve D says:

    6:10 Jabba the Hut imitation

  2. Steve D says:

    Go figure, a Fruedian slip at just 2 seconds in (“tonight I am mis-speaking to you…”)

    • Harleen Quinzel says:

      Steve D what does that matter? Happens to people all the time ??‍♀️

    • Sweet's Mom says:


  3. MrGivememyoldaccount says:

    Remember when Trump made fun of Obama for using a teleprompter? And taking vacations? And….

  4. Otakian Storm says:

    6 minutes in, he is making a stupid false equivalency argument to stoke the flames of fear.

  5. Green Envy says:

    Damnit, those vicious coyotes are at it again..

  6. Marciano Demidof says:

    1:12 “In this year, more people will be killed then the entire Vietnam War”?. According to the Draft-dodger. Now how many did actually died in that war? It should be at least A Million right? So this year alone, at least one million People will die because of drugs that floating in from the Mexican border. How do you know that Donnie? Somebody should immediately factcheck that.

    • usernameagainahcrap says:

      Trump confirms yet again that he is an ignorant asshole. 3.4 million human beings died in the VietNam war.

    • Peter Harrison says:

      Well, just to be sure, I looked up so as not to misquote facts. Ok–according to an article on this in Wikipedia (which I realize is not some folks’ favorite source), estimate vary widely, quite often due to what time period is used for the Viet Nam War. However, a 2008 study by the British Medical Journal estimated approximately 3.8 million. This includes all deaths, whether directly or indirectly caused by war actions, of all people from all countries who were involved. Now, American deaths were 58,318. The quote from the president’s speech is “more Americans will die from drugs this year than were killed in the entire Viet Nam War”, so he’s right. American deaths is what he’s talking about. Respectfully, PMH

    • HashtagHugs says:

      Cant stand Trump. But it is accurate. He was referring to Americans.

  7. EDOT YELLOH says:

    He sniffing too much coke.

  8. Said Abdi says:

    Why is he breathing heavily?

  9. Gabriele S says:

    I wonder what the cat sleeping on his head is thinking.

    • Caroline Bender says:

      Good catch! I thought I saw its tail move!

    • Mat Clark says:

      Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats do not care about our safety nor our sovereignty.
      They live in luxury and safety behind gated-security walls with armed security that we pay for but they care so much about us that they want illegals in this country along with violence and drugs.
      Pelosi and Schumer also do not care about the children who are being trafficked in the child sex trade.
      Pelosi and Schumer do not care about the illegals who are brutalized by traffickers.
      Pelosi and Schumer do not care that Federal workers are forced to live without a paycheck.
      Build the wall and fund the government.

    • You'll float too says:


    • You'll float too says:

      +Mat Clark Oh STFU you’re regurgitating the same lies your Orange cat haired daddy spews.

  10. ruirodtube says:

    Bunch of Bull?
    The drugs and criminals don’t go around the current wall. They pass through the legal points of entry.

  11. Astrid Maclean says:

    You can just see how he struggles with reading the teleprompter…

  12. Kevin L. says:

    Sounds like he hasn’t graduated past the “Dick and Jane” reading book series yet.

  13. Bigbang is your bias’s bias and you know it says:

    *We are soo tired of winning* ??

  14. Alfredo Santos says:

    He didn’t mention the ones murdered by Americans? like the mass shootings ??‍♂️

    • Collin Stansbury says:

      He wasn’t talking about that ur honestly stupid

    • Gabe Alexander says:

      Because homegrown terrorism has nothing to do with our southern boarder. Quick questions. Do you ever think about what comes out of your mouth or do you just spew out the talking points of politicians taking advantage of the American people. Don’t get me wrong I do not like the president, but this is a very stupid comment

    • Jeremiah Rupert says:

      +Tired of Fools motor vehicles? How would a ban on those solve anything?

    • Zumy says:

      yes mass shooting which account for about .00000004% of all crimes. the only reason you believe it’s such a huge issue is because CNN shoves it down your fucking throat

    • Dean Human says:

      +Tired of Fools that’s fake news though.

  15. Linda Casey says:

    Our dear leader sitting quietly at his desk, hands neatly folded, make-up thickly applied, eyes 1/2 slit and glazed over, breathing loudly through his teeth and trying to decipher the words of nonsense placed before him by his speech writer. Bravo trump … bravo

    • John the Confederate says:

      +Serial Chiller = Frankfurt School degenerate.

    • Kendall J says:

      +Joel Hwrd Our president falls far below standards of what is expected from our leaders. His reading ability has much to be desired, he is clearly drawing falls equivalents, lying, doesn’t look engaged, interested or even concerned, lastly with all that said, he could have at least prepped. He either never read what is on the prompter prior to going live or he needs to spend more time reading and stop tweeting absolutely irrelevant nonsense. Hope that gives you insight into what Linda was getting at =)

    • John the Confederate says:

      +Linda Casey until I see evidence of the contrary, youz a dried up old ho and sheet.

    • Serial Chiller says:

      John the Confederate = Blissfully ignorant/troglodyte

  16. Tyler Nicolo says:

    This old man can barely read that teleprompter.

  17. Ike Hill says:

    For the record.. Those drugs he named are NOT Blk and Hispanic ppl choice of drugs. To be frank..those are all white ppl drugs.

    • Tilla Mookie says:

      Exactly thats why he wanna keep the drugs outta the states cause more and more white ppl keep dying from overdoses and what not!

    • sleepy gary says:

      Drugs are good. People have the right to pursue happiness and drugs makes people happy. I’m all for drug use, I’m a grown adult i need no one telling me i shouldn’t do drugs.

    • richierich505 says:

      The Omega Records you can’t stop supply in demand. We Americans love drugs. You can shut down the southern border but that won’t stop us from wanting drugs, for those addicted needing them even. Thats the part of it people don’t get. Those who do drugs don’t just do them because an illegal puts them in their face, we want to do drugs.

    • jesus Rodriguez says:

      It would be much more effective to have better education of drugs while in middle school and high school as a prevention for people to start doing drugs than it would be to cut people off from them because they are going to make their way into the country one way or another

    • Jordan Andrews says:

      It’s not racist to acknowledge when white people are disproportionately affected by certain drugs just like it wouldn’t be racist to say that black people were disproportionally affected by crack when it first made its debut in the mid to late 60’s.

      There’s an insane heroin epidemic that is disproportionately taking the lives of white people at an alarming rate. I’d suggest just doing your own personal research the numbers are pretty staggering.

  18. Curtis Brown says:

    I was hoping his dentures would fall out.

  19. Brian Samuels says:

    Thank Mr. President for keeping America #1

  20. freddie congote says:

    I’ve held the hands of the weeping mothers 7:59 and embrace the grief stricken fathers ( Thats a good one ) . The only thing his held is a Quarter pounder with cheese and embraced a Bucket of KFC extra crispy . Trump is funny without trying to be funny, maybe next time he should run for comedian.

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