Trump’s Second Week Is as Chaotic as His First: A Closer Look

Trump’s Second Week Is as Chaotic as His First: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the confusion surrounding President Trump’s controversial travel ban and his bizarre calls with foreign leaders.
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Trump’s Second Week Is as Chaotic as His First: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Collin Pittman says:

    Fredrick Douglas… Isn’t that the guy who invented peanut butter?

  2. Bryan Nieves says:

    Trump… you clearly haven’t been to Mexico… I have… you will lose so
    many soldiers invading Mexico. you cant even begin to comprehend how well
    armed cartels are… you think the US has a lot of guns? you’ll throw away
    thousands of lives for the sake of a fucking wall that isn’t gonna stop
    them from coming over? good luck fighting that war because I sure as hell
    won’t fight it for you. why invade a country more poor than US over a
    fucking wall? what’s there to gain? Mexicans are the most hard working and
    humble people in this planet are you seriously gonna fall so low as to
    invade a country over a wall?

  3. 倪传历(AllenSpellwaver) says:

    And Trump is trying to give religious groups more power in the political
    circle… I’m neutral about Christianity, but is he trying to throw this
    country back to the 16th century or what? Separating religious agenda from
    state agenda is the basic of a secular state.

  4. George Mason says:

    If there was ever a president who should be impeached…

  5. James Anderson says:

    White trash love Trump

  6. Joshua Powell says:

    That pic of Trump’s neck. Throw some yoga pants on that and you’d have a
    nice camel toe.

  7. James Burgess says:

    8 days. 50 years for now, people will think, how did he even get into the

  8. Archer Sterling says:

    Trump divided America but he sure as hell united Mexico. Through his Make
    America Gringo Again campaign.

  9. YANA says:

    I can only imagine what’s next for next week!!! God please bless us!!

  10. I'm A Squirrel! Don't Hate! says:

    Trump pick the best people, to make America stupid again, because the
    uneducated are easy to control and lied to. Trump supporters are a living
    proof. lol

  11. ColossalSquid says:

    Are Trump supporters able to pass the mirror self-recognition test?

  12. John Myers says:

    I really hope Republicans have some common sense and vote against DeVos.

  13. Biggus Dickus says:

    So, just in a day, Trump jokingly threatened to send troops to Mexico,
    accused Japan of manipulating their currency, forcing their finance
    ministry to publicly call Trump out for being wrong, and hung up on the PM
    of Australia.

    Say whatever you want, this man sure does move in a break neck pace. The
    only problem is that it seems like we are going thousand miles an hour
    straight to a brick wall.

  14. KEVIN The saiyan says:

    And people wonder why atheism is growing

  15. Why you gotta go there says:

    In the 1930’s Jews were Refugees.
    – The majority of American people said they don’t want to accept Jewish
    Why? There is a danger with them keep them away. How did that turn out?

    The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States.
    – Majority of Americans said yes to it.
    Why? There is a danger with them keep them away. How did that turn out?

    Today? New polls. The majority of Americans said they are fine with the
    refugee and country ban. And what is the reason again? That there is a
    danger with them. To those of you who support this ban please do tell me
    how you the bigot of this time in history are actually in the right, and
    how when you judge millions(or even one point six billion people) you do it
    like an intellectual and not just a broad brush painting bigot. The best
    part? Bush invades, Obama keeps bombing, and now the guy that has said in
    Fox interviews “When you take out these terrorists you also have to take
    out their families” is in charge. So pretty much more killing, and less
    empathy. By the way he has kept that promise as on his first military
    action ten innocent women and children died. One of which was an eight year
    old girl.

    So If you are someone who supports this just please do me one favor and
    stop with the whole “My amazing western values are the reason i can’t
    accept those evil Muslims.” Your values are that you are fine with bombing
    people if they don’t share a country and or fate with you, because you
    support someone that said he would do that, and who now does that, and then
    you will also refuse refuge to those who are being bombed by the person you
    elected. These are your values. To the rest of the people in America who
    still remember what it says on the statue of Liberty please keep your
    voices loud, and stand up. Peace to you guys.

  16. Laura Anthony says:

    Trump: It’s a ban
    Trump supporters: The damn media is making you think it’s a ban


  17. Earl A. Birkett says:

    Trump voters just write it off as a learning curve and besides, he’s a
    businessman not a politician (lol). The really dumb ones think he’s doing
    just fine of course.

  18. Advocate For A TYT Canada says:

    A Little Perspective if you will,…
    Total # of terrorist caused deaths from all 7 banned countries = 00
    Total average number of deaths every year from falling coconuts = 57

  19. Rashad ahmed says:

    Most hated person in the world Donald J Trump. The racist president

  20. The Dork Knight says:

    But, if Betsy DeVos isn’t confirmed, who is going to insure that our
    schools are protected from grizzly bear attacks?