Trump’s son seems to confirm Comey’s account

Trump’s son seems to confirm Comey’s account

Comey’s blockbuster testimony set up a he said-he said debate this week. Our panel: David Urban, Neera Tanden, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez and Mike Rogers join Brianna Keilar to discuss

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20 Responses

  1. Four Disastrous Years Coming says:

    Trump is a dangerous human being. This man isn’t afraid to lie under oath.

  2. Stiven Garcia says:

    Fuck trump 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  3. Stiven Garcia says:

    Suck dick trump.

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  4. Cleetis McDougall says:

    Comey lies but Trump feels he’s totally vindicated????
    Trump is trying to have his cake and eat it too. He doesn’t need any more cake, he’s really putting on the pound…cake.

  5. Cleetis McDougall says:

    Donald Jr. is full of 💩.

  6. Arthur Ochoa says:

    How about a polygraph test for both Trump and Comey so we can see who the liar is.

  7. Conor McGregor's Pool Noodle says:


  8. Hit-marka says:

    Trump, a proven pathological liar, yeh right…100% release my tax returns. These fucking liars for Trump are disgusting.

  9. kirk white says:

    Get Trump under oath! I’ll bet he will commit perjury in the first 5 minutes, and then continue lying. Wonder what would happen if a president is convicted of perjury, would Trump go to jail and lose the presidency?

  10. A Putin Paid Troll says:

    CNN = *ConspiracytheoryNewsNetwork*

  11. 12ttttttttt says:

    trump is a disgrace to America

  12. I am Sammi says:

    trumps son just confirmed that trump lied! I love it, he did it on Fox news so CNN can not take credit for this but thanks Don Jr. call trumps bluff since his son said he bullied Comey.

  13. Nonune Konsequence says:

    Lordy I hope there are tapes. All you need to know about who’s telling the truth.

  14. Black Eye Bob says:

    Why would Mueller approve the statement Comey read, if it was lies? They are reeling in Trump in.
    Ask congressmen this question –  Do you believe Special Prosecutor Mueller is now lying also?  If you believe Comey is lying and now you must  believe Mueller is also lying. That is what Trump is saying.  Now he will also have to say his son is lying. Hmmmm. Everyone else but Donald lies?  And when Sessions, Flynn or Manafort spill, they also will become liars. Then when DT is charged, It will be Mueller and all the deep state lying about him. . And when the GOP finally has to act or be included as accessories to Trump’s traitorous  crimes, they to will become liars. The destruction of the GOP needs to be total and complete. Hopefully something that human that cares more about the Country and the people in it. ” ALL the people”. Instead of  just getting reelected and making themselves rich.

  15. Dallas Taylor says:

    Could somebody use the word “INTIMIDATION” once in a while?

  16. Jay Smithy says:

    WOW! what a total dunce! After repeating Comey regarding what Trump said to him, “I hope you can back off from the Flynn investigation…”, his son brilliantly went on tv in a hilarious moronic attempt to defend his career long con of an absent father with “when my father tells you to do something, there’s no ambiguity, you just do it!” after he confirmed what every sane minded American with the beliefs of “for country and not just your party” was clearly: OBSTRUCTION!

  17. Reticularimis Mariocuomos says:

    Release the tapes!! O wait there are no tapes, the orange moron was Lying again. God damn everything that comes out of that orange fruitcakes mouth is a lie!

  18. Big A says:

    The way I see it the statement Trump made to Comey was just ambiguous enough to not be obstruction on its own like is being argued by right, but then the fact Comey gets fired when he doesn’t follow those instructions is the part that is most important because it proves that Trump was serious when he made that statement.

  19. Will U. Readme says:

    WHY DID HE CLEAR THE ROOM??????? ……Until that is answered, under oath, and with credibility, there is no more important question.

  20. Steadfast says:

    The President will cooperate? He won’t even answer a simple yes or no question about the existence of tapes.

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