Trump’s Terrible Week Continues: A Closer Look

Trump’s Terrible Week Continues: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump’s week after the presidential debate, accusing Hillary of infidelity and the NY Times’ tax revelations.
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Trump’s Terrible Week Continues: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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19 Responses

  1. chokurate says:

    Trump supporters unfortunately don’t use logic

  2. White Person says:

    If someone dislikes this before they even finish watching the video…..

  3. Everyday Struggles says:

    Chris Christie is to Donald Trump as Dwight is to Michael Scott.

  4. Sam Kwon says:

    My granddaddy once told me, “Those with wealth and power don’t need to
    flaunt or gloat, they let their money speak for themselves.”

    Now if I were to take my granddads advice to heart (like I usually do),
    then makes me question whether Trump’s behavior that exudes a parade of
    gloating and flaunting, backs up on how much money he “really” has. It’s
    usually those with superficial money that go around and flaunt. All the
    more reason why he doesn’t want to show his tax returns. Hell, even Nixon
    showed his tax (he was also being audited like Trump)…Nixon!

  5. Marcelo Glenadel says:

    Is Giuliani being held upside-down and filmed with an inverted camera?

  6. alesis100 says:

    Giuliani and Christie – right now the the most famous shameless cocksuckers
    in America.

  7. Drumpf says:

    Finally someone says it: the problem is that Trump dodged PERSONAL taxes!
    *nothing to do with his fiduciary responsibilities to his investors.

  8. Christian Schoff says:

    The representing bit reminded me a lot of “The poison for Kuzco. Kuzco’s
    poison. The poison to kill Kuzco. That poison.”

  9. 525Lines says:

    Big Lebowski replaced Caddyshack as the go-to hip quote source.

  10. thomas sease says:

    Got to love that obese geriatric thrice married rich kid born with a silver
    spoon up his ass…

  11. Nymphadoradora D says:

    I want Trump to lose just so Rudy Giuliani can go away.

  12. Brendan Harrington (Brandohn) says:


  13. Clown Killa says:

    I feel sorry for all of the idiots in my country who get their opinions
    from this twink

  14. DivineSolja says:

    what a fucking loser tv host

  15. MrEscen says:

    What! is trump running for president, I thought I was watching comedy?

  16. tacoma 707 says:

    Did you hear that Trump University had a water polo team? it was disbanded
    when all the horses drowned.

  17. exxodas says:

    (((Seth Meyers)))

  18. Kyle G says:

    If you google “CUCK” Seth Meyer’s cucklord face pops up. You libtards are a
    laughing stock.

  19. BEAST says:

    This shitter can’t stop talking about Trump can he? You realize this is one
    of the prime reasons Trump will win, right? Many people think the media is
    being paid by Hillary. Personally I think it’s more likely they’re being
    paid by Trump. Either that or they’re fucking retarded.