Trump’s Wall and Immigration Policies: A Closer Look

Trump’s Wall and Immigration Policies: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump administration’s major changes to immigration policy.
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Trump’s Wall and Immigration Policies: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Dominic Perez says:

    Don’t build walls, build bridges.

  2. Liam Humel says:

    In before the Trumpy melting snowflakes

  3. avn says:

    I live for these segments

  4. Infinite Zest says:

    I know people who take their High School class presidency role more serious than Trump takes his Presidency. That I can tell you. Believe me.

  5. Clash says:

    The idea that immigration and refugees are the problem in America is a gaslighting tactic to distract from the real problem…

    Trump, his Administration, and his White Supremacist supporters.

  6. 1984 is not a manual. says:

    If you want to know how to make a wall on rocky terrain, ask the Chinese? They built one some time back.

  7. Jan Itor says:

    best wishes future self
    february 22, 2017
    bernie 2020

  8. Mary Barr says:

    That eagle scaring the Trump out of Trump will never get old!!

  9. Tiber Septim says:

    seriously, who in his right mind, no matter how he stands on immigration, supports a fucking wall? that’s a drunk redneck solution shouted around in some Mississippi bar, not one that actually works.
    So even if you want absolutely no Mexicans in America, you have to recognise Trump is an idiot, at least concerning this very topic.

  10. 49DRmc says:

    Such a fucking moron we have for president!

  11. Steven Du says:

    I wonder how Drumpf would react if he found out that wall climbing has become a Mexican Olympic sport.

  12. BlackMesa RF says:

    “I’m like… really smart” – D. J. Trump, 45th President of the United States.

    Well played US, well played…

  13. She Y says:

    Why don’t they have extreme vetting (including IQ test) for GUN owners!!

  14. Archer Sterling says:

    I like hummus for the same reason Trump likes his daughter. The chickpeas.

  15. pinazee says:

    ugh i hate clips of trump talking it makes my brain hurt

  16. James Mackay says:

    i live in Britain and in the summer Trump is having a state visit, I signed a petition along with 2 million other people to ban him but it failed, so I plan to go to the anti Trump protest during the state visit, it will likely be the biggest protest in our history, i’m planning to bring a sign with a picture of Trump dressed like heath Ledger’s Joker and write underneath it “America’s killing joke” what do you think my yankee friends yay or nay on that?

  17. Arandomfigure says:

    Trump is actually terrible at charades since it’s so hard to read his tiny hand-gestures.

  18. Juan Zep says:

    Flint still has lead water, but Agent Orange wants a wall

  19. Bria Penn says:

    If anybody had the right to deport immigrants from America it’s the Native Americans

  20. Why you gotta go there says:

    People need to start understanding that with the right wing hate growing in America in the form of trump supporters, alt-right, and so on. Is an immigrant thing. I mean it has become a full on anti-Muslim thing as throughout the history of America there has always been at least one group used to fear monger against. However it is still an immigrant thing. If India for some reason had a refugee crisis the same people would start going after Hindus, and talking about how people who follow Hinduism, and are Hindustani don’t share the amazing American values that America should have. The amazing values like voting for, and supporting someone that has said “With these terrorists when you take them out you also have to take out their families”

    Also amazing values like this poll from Public Policy Polling shows:

    Question: Do you support bombing Agrabah?
    41% of Donald Trump supporters responded with a resounding yes!
    30% of GOP voters responded with a resounding yes!
    19% of Democrats responded with a resounding yes!

    Agrabah for those of you who sadly don’t know is not a real place. It is the fake city from Aladdin.
    Yet people heard the name, their minds went “That sounds Muslim” and then their mouths went “Bomb them”

    And you just know that these same people are the ones that cry and shout about how great their values are, and how that’s the reason they can’t accept Muslims.

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