Trunks VS Silver (Dragon Ball Heroes VS Archie Sonic) | DEATH BATTLE!

Trunks VS Silver (Dragon Ball Heroes VS Archie Sonic) | DEATH BATTLE!

Xeno Trunks battles Silver from Archie Comics!
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34 Responses

  1. Scouthedog1 Animations says:

    This battle was just awesome. I’ve never seen Silver Portrayed so cool before. The way he curved the kamehameha Around two attack Trunks From behind was just awesome and turning his “it’s no use” Line into A really badass one-liner before he finished Trunks off was just icing on the cake.

    • E1ite Yoshi says:

      Surprised to see you here.

    • Anton Larsson says:

      That’s why they went with Super friends Aquaman. Normal aquaman is hopelessly outclassed by Spongebob. I mean the dude ripped apart the galaxy in a second. Only cartoony goodness can stand up to cartoony goodness.

    • Senzu'WRLD says:

      @Sam Herh portrayed?

    • Dimentio's Servant says:

      Great Comment and I think you bring up why this episode is awesome (seriously, I watched it when it went live and I loved it!), but I can’t help but point out some grammar errors… First, it’s portrayed, not betrayed (Betrayed is to expose information to someone (be it a country, group, or person) about someone else treacherously, whilst portrayed is used to depict someone or something in works of fiction). And second, you used the wrong to (two is a number, to is used as Destination or Direction).

    • Elementalist Xander says:


  2. Simple_Spud says:

    Can we just stop fighting over the outcome and agree that this Battle Track goes harder than “IT’S. NO. USE”

  3. IamDoomCrow says:

    That moment when Boomstick said ‘Trunks was the coolest character’, I legit laughed and chuckled. “Oh Boomstick, you silly man. ‘ Cooler is actually the coolest character.

  4. Saltyk says:

    Went into this battle thinking Trunks had the advantage but suspecting that Silver could be a dark horse in this battle. Looks like my assessment was correct.

    Also, always nice to hear Kaiser as Trunks.

  5. Soren Daein says:

    I expected this fight to start over Silver’s time travel schtick, but what I WASN’T expecting was for Trunks to lose. Thought it was going to be a repeat of “Vegeta VS Shadow”, especially considering the fact the fight was subtly referenced by means of Trunks referring to Super Silver’s transformation as a “rip off”.

  6. Wyndell Lee the Spammer says:

    Imagine Trunks offering Silver a job as a Time Patroller.

  7. CallMe Gekkouga says:

    SpongeBob VS Aquaman is a matchup I’d never expected to see but also really excited to watch

  8. Eternal EeveE says:

    This was honestly a pretty enjoyable one. I thought the analysis was kind of bland there were one or more jokes that got me but the fight was amazing especially all the quips. I just wish they didn’t have to kill each other(I know it’s called death battle but it is still kind of sad) but yeah great episode 7/10.

  9. Jason Marco says:

    It was hard to choose for me because these two are my all time favorite characters, I love dragon ball and the first story that I got hooked on was Trunks’s story, his origin story and his sword is what made me a fan. Silver from sonic is my favorite because he has a lot of potential and hate the fact that he’s under appreciated and that he doesn’t have his own game like Sonic or Shadow. Honestly I enjoy watching this battle❤

  10. Latent Symphony says:

    The fact that Death Battle is actually doing hyper focused characters (instead of folding all versions of a character into one) gives me a lot more hope for Death Battle from now on.

    • Wind and Cloud Shadow says:

      @Anh Thai My bad thought they took feats from his comic strip like him dodging bullets.

    • Cooldoge67 says:

      @Wind and Cloud Shadow the games and the comics are all in the same universe. For James Bond they literally used feats from every actor that played him and from the games.

    • Not Me says:

      @Anh Thai Honestly, as soon as they mentioned they were using Archie Sonic, I knew Silver would win. You can’t beat someone who can outrun time itself.

    • Anh Thai says:

      @Wind and Cloud Shadow I assumed that said that you referring to the fact that they merge a bunch of versions of John Wick into one (which I doubt that did)

    • Voicemaster28 says:

      It also ruins the validity of all the previous ones imo

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