truth, dare, or BEAN?!

truth, dare, or BEAN?!

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I’m sorry, ma, I goofed up.

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52 Responses

  1. The Grumps says:

    Go to for 15% off your order, plus get free domestic or flat fee international shipping.
    Brought to you by Raycon!

  2. Whumpus Whoo says:

    Asking the internet to “do it’s worst” with Arin’s feet was a horrible idea

  3. minisomma says:

    Arin’s nonchalant conversation about being bisexual with his mom. Dan casually dropping “my wife”. The Grumps are living delightful lives

    • BLB Entertainment says:

      Knew arin was Bi already, but had no idea Dan had a WIFE. Happy for him!

    • Max Crawford says:

      @BLB Entertainment Other way around for me because I don’t think Arin had ever explicitly stated he was bi—just heavily implied, usually in a joking context. Dan has mentioned Ashley a fair bit though

    • Stinky says:

      @Max Crawford same same !!

    • WillKazeOh says:

      @Max Crawford Indeed, although the Bi thing was definitely apparent during the Pokemon Smash Or Pass, when he was smashing many “manly” or “cuddly” pokemon.

    • agiar2000 says:

      bi – 5:31
      “my wife” – timestamp, please?

  4. Wararrow 10 says:

    The fact that dan wouldnt answer the truth of walking in on his mom and dad doing it. Does in fact tell the truth💀

    • Laura Michelle says:

      i’m confident he has said in an older GG episode that he walked in on his parents but he was too young at the time to actually know what was going on

    • Debz Baumaus says:

      ​@Laura Michelle Yeah, he did, in a Steam Train ep, if I remember correctly.

    • TheBlues32 says:

      @Debz Baumaus I think it was Game Grumps. Arin was there, I’m almost positive. That and I didn’t watch a lot of Steam Train and I remember Dan saying that.

    • Arthur Saxon says:

      @Laura Michelle I’m pretty sure it was in their Mario 3 playthrough. I distinctly remember the triple butt stab joke that Arin makes afterward

    • OmegaSilver says:

      Sometimes silence says more than words ever could

  5. Fro Vids says:

    Congrats Arin on the bisexuality
    Congrats Dan on destroying a mother-son relationship

    • ניסים אוחיון says:

      my brain didnt even considered register that as a valid option from all the time knowing him joke about gay… EVERYTHING

    • Skeets McGrew says:

      @ניסים אוחיון really? He’s definitely talked about it before. Not, like, seriously, like a legit coming out. But he’s definitely talked about being bi before

    • Gray Just Gray says:

      @Skeets McGrew if you want to describe lusting after assorted superhero/villain male actors as “talking about being bi”, sure.

    • Skeets McGrew says:

      @Gray Just Gray No, way more than that. The comments are a mix of “What a random way to come out” and “it was pretty obvious but it’s cool to hear it confirmed.” So clearly other people noticed too

  6. Not Sure says:

    I love how Arin had zero hesitation in letting Dan text his mom something obscene.

  7. Jack Dog says:

    As a Brit, no joke, until Dan said “we’re upsetting our entire British audience” I genuinely thought they were doing Australian.

    • lexi says:

      welp, theres the insult

    • Bec White says:

      As an Australian living in Britain, I honestly thought every word went different ways

    • FuzzyOtterPaws says:

      It’s all the same to me, I heard more British though. They sound very similar. I don’t get how Brits can do American “accents” (even though there is no accent) so well but not the other way around

    • ign1ted f0xy says:

      @FuzzyOtterPaws What do you mean, “there is no accent”? The way you talk is your accent

    • Jack Dog says:

      @FuzzyOtterPaws Might not sound like there’s an accent there to you. I assure you that to the rest of the world American accents are very distinctive.

  8. MiserableFlamango _ says:

    Can’t wait to watch another instalment of Arin shoving gross foods into his mouth hole and everyone laughing at the consequences

  9. Jack Barlow says:

    I know Arin being bi isn’t exactly _news_ to anyone who’s watched Grumps for any period of time, but is this the first time it’s actually been acknowledged? Anyway, glad Mrs. Hanson is cool.

    • bekss3 says:

      There was one time in a game (dont remember which) they had to put what they were interested in and Arin said both. And other moments but all of them had a comedic context to them so it was never like this one

    • pale ghoul says:

      i was just thinking that!! in a way im not surprised but its the first time i actually hear arin saying that about himself, and it makes me very happy

    • Getting Introspective says:

      I had a dream about Dan last night. I have a crush on him. Then my gorgeous friend shows up in my dream, helping Arin show me some holographic Arpeegees, and I nearly fall down the stairs greeting her. I never came out, but I don’t try to hide it either. ❤️ Whatever makes him happy.

    • agiar2000 says:


  10. Sophie says:

    Arin’s mom texting him about being bisexual then him writing daddy’s little slut, property of Arin fits a little too well

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