Truth or Drink (Roommates) – Episode 1: Full Video

Truth or Drink (Roommates) – Episode 1: Full Video

We asked roommates to play a game of Truth or Drink.

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Produced, Directed, and Edited by

Genki & Anson
Anthony & Nikki
Lia & Hannah
Jermaine & Kelsi
Olivia & Alexa
Caleb & Jacob
Danny & Abby

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (by Mozart)

Would you keep in touch with me if we weren’t roommates?
What do I do that annoys you?
What is your favorite thing about living with me?
Have you ever seen me naked?
Have you ever heard me have sex or masturbating?
Who do I bring over that you hate?
Do you ever eat my food without telling me?
Do you wish we spent more time together?
Will you be sad when we aren’t roommates anymore?
Do you think I chip in equally with chores/buying house supplies?
Have you ever thought of me sexually?
Is there a secret you’ve never told me?
What do you use of mine without asking?
Do you ever pretend to be busy so I leave you alone?
Do you ever wait to come home until I’m gone?
Have you ever really wanted to kiss me? Kiss me or take a shot.
Are you looking for another place to live? / How long do you plan to keep living with me?
What do you fear about me?
What do you think of with my relationship with my significant other?
What do you think of my family?
Who buys the toilet paper? / Who uses the most toilet paper?
Where is the weirdest place you’ve had sex in our place?
Have you ever had sex in my bed?
Have you ever found any of my sex toys?
Is there anything I do you think is disgusting?

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20 Responses

  1. Shilag says:

    Personally, I find the whole idea that us guys are “supposed” to just shake
    and walk away after peeing is utterly disgusting.
    What’s that supposed to accomplish? Try dipping your hand in water, then
    shaking it a few times. Are you completely dry now with not a trace of
    water left on you? Well, you’re doing that with your pee every day, it’s

  2. Protestah says:

    please do a sibling one

  3. Demi N says:

    amazing channel

  4. Brooke Wells says:

    omg the girl that looks like Claire Underwood if she had red hair ? so

  5. BarbarAlejandra says:

    0:48 the one with the blue shirt is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. hvf26 says:

    girl on the left 0:26 has some unresolved aggression against her roommate!

  7. dilemma may says:

    Truth or drink is my favorite cut series!

  8. toffee nut says:

    the black guy with the asian guy was hella cute

  9. Eric Wilson says:

    This needs to be a drinking game!

  10. UGK17 says:

    Almost no drinking

  11. UGK17 says:

    This video went waaaaay too fast. It was hard to follow. 

  12. Adam says:

    The asian and black dude are roommate goals

  13. igrinddailyy says:

    You guys should do siblings next

  14. ManyEvy123 says:

    finaly… truth or drink again

  15. Harold Davidson says:

    “Definitely not sex – because you don’t bring anyone over…” Oh, you’re as
    cold as ice!

  16. basti953 says:

    Do this with neighbors!

  17. Matt Aime says:

    i love these videos.

  18. MrYouarethecancer says:

    Everything was going fine until the big ole tranny

  19. TheSacko says:

    Why do so many people rip-off Buzzfeed videos and other channels to make
    their channel popular.

  20. Katsu Films says:

    we got rid of that couch…