Truth or Drink – The Full Video

Truth or Drink – The Full Video

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, couples get honest and a little tipsy playing a game of truth or drink.

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Produced, Directed, and Edited by

Director of Photography: Brian Liepe
Audio: Eric Soma
Makeup: Sable Desireè
Production Assistant: Jessica Law

Nicolette & Darryl
Krystal & Ian
Jessica & Mark
Genie & Ralph
Haley & Alex
Jessica & Mark
Kenneth & Bennett
Theresa & Kevin

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19 Responses

  1. JustAddWater says:

    this is the new buzzfeed. i love your guy’s ideas!

  2. Skandar says:

    stupid game which is about saying your stupid shit publicly.

  3. M. John Morency says:

    +Irene Maz You look exactly like her.

  4. jmovlogs says:

    Why are there only four uncut versions when there were more than four

  5. Becky Wells says:

    Doh you can’t click annotations on iPhone! Add links to the description
    next time please 🙂 

  6. FamilyRoyalty says:

    Where’s the video with the gay couple?!

  7. EverydayMehShufflin says:

    Another video to make e feel like SHIT on Valentine’s day. Lmao, fk this

  8. blehh nahh says:

    The tanned girl though…

  9. adnan jahangir says:

    I love you. ( I fuck you toO

  10. adnan jahangir says:

    I love you. (¬ I fuck you toO)

  11. mOnK27640 says:

    love = no truth lolololol 

  12. Eileen Lang says:

    Why don’t I see the other two couples? They don’t have their own videos

  13. Федя Борзянкин says:

    Вот обязательно блять нужно было пригласить двух защеканцев. Без этого

  14. andysos1234 says:

    lol that poor asian guy

    everybody gets an “I love you” and he gets “you’re my favourite”

  15. TheTKC says:

    I know that I’m probably in the minority when I say this but there is no
    celebrity that I want to have sex. It would feel meaningless to me because
    i don’t know them personally and have no feelings for them. I only want to
    have sex with a person I love. Kinda lame and sappy, I know, but it’s
    honestly how I feel :/

    Nice video though. DEM WARM AND FUZZY FEELS!

  16. Razeen Mujarrab says:


  17. panzerdriver says:

    90% of the questions are sexual. What a crock of shit.

  18. philthestampede says:

    I have to say it… The wife in the thumbnail so so damn beautiful. That is
    one lucky dude!

  19. philthestampede says:

    Krystal. Krystal is beautiful.