Try Guys – SNL

Try Guys – SNL

A CNN broadcast is interrupted by breaking news of the Try Guys’ (Mikey Day, Bowen Yang, Andrew Dismukes) response video to Ned Fulmer.

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35 Responses

  1. Cathy Green says:

    there is no way all the people in the audience knew what was going on enough to be laughing at this sketch like this

    • VenusMoon says:

      No fr!! Had to be a new laugh track

    • 7531monkey says:

      Their whinefest couch video was like top trending for some time. I rarely watched their channel, but I did see that ridiculous video.

    • ExtraPulpyJoosh says:

      Yeah forget the inaccuracy. This was such a weird sketch to make it to air.

    • Julie Martin says:

      Maybe, although the NYT and Rolling Stone (and other major publishers) have had articles about this in the last couple weeks.

    • EPB22 says:

      I thought it was very funny, they were clearly making fun of internet culture much more than the try guys themselves. Also, It’s probably way funnier if you have no idea what the context is, and I would guess most people don’t.

  2. Taylor Schultz says:

    Ned is disgusting for what he did & deserves to be held accountable, the try guys are handling this so well, I wish them nothing but the best.

  3. HannahClayyton says:

    Imagine being Ariel and having your husband’s infidelity be made out to be nothing but a joke on national TV. Men finally hold their friends accountable for SEXUAL HARRASMENT in the workplace and they get mocked for it?! This sketch hit the mark on every level.

  4. lilykep says:

    Must be nice to have a Yale friend who works at SNL to downplay your infidelity on national TV. Ned is exactly the kind of WASP who would call on “an old friend” to fix a mess he got himself into.

    • KS says:

      @Kelly Fields yup. SNL showing their true colors with this one. They could learn a thing or two from the try guys.

    • Kelly Fields says:

      @KS the try guys actually handled the situation beautifully and SNL is turning it into something completely opposite than that this did not have to be a skit.

    • Rik mcDik says:

      @FuzzyWhisper keep blaming us for everything. Nothing will change with that attitude 😘

  5. lunesapphire says:

    I love that no one is fooled by this clearly being written by Ned’s friend

  6. Peyton says:

    Not only is Ned’s friend a writer but Alex is friends with Chris Redd’s old roommate and went with her friend to the post Malone show and was invited to the after party. According to her she met most of the cast. This also happened during the same New York work trip that the photos were taken 😅

  7. Breezy bekind says:

    Honestly, *FUCK* snl for this skit. The Try Guys have handled the whole situation as perfectly as possible, with grace and candor that their fans deeply appreciate. Ned’s entire brand of being a devoted father and husband was a lie and Alex willingly betrayed her fiancé of 10 years to screw around with the boss. What’s so much worse is how they flagrantly talked to/about each other’s partners onscreen, probably secretly enjoying the game. So yes it does matter when someone screws up this badly, especially when it hurts others. Welcome to the world of holding people accountable.

    Comment section passes the vibe check 👏✔️

  8. Diana America Rivero says:

    Ned having a friend who’s an SNL staff writer is the missing piece that makes this sketch make sense.

  9. dima suxx says:

    So the joke is
    “Wow an employer had an affair with an employee and the company actually did something instead of sweeping it under the rug”
    I feel like someone needs to check out what’s happening behind the snl scenes after this because that’s such a red flag

    • Rachael Whitehouse says:

      Seriously, the guys did everything right and the fact that it’s being mocked means someone is probably pulling the same shit over there

  10. wonderhoy says:

    yes we should totally be making fun of keith, zach and eugene for being angry at their friend after he essentially ruined their business they took years to build and not the man who had an affair with his employee (sexual misconduct !!!!!) and broke up two decade long relationships, including his own in which he had two children ! ur so right snl

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