Try Not To Cry: Dad Edition

Try Not To Cry: Dad Edition

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18 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Holy crap man, it’s literally impossible not to tear up watching this, especially when you’ve had personal experience relating to some of them.

    • Swamprose says:

      …completely impossible 🥲

    • gargles says:

      for me it’s not even about the dads i just cry when i see other people cry lmaooo

    • B Q says:

      Shit I gotta skip dis one now

    • Qisa muar* says:

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  2. 421541Michee says:

    This honestly is the best thing. Idk why but seeing someone just be able to connect to the feeling in these videos is refreshing.

  3. NIBBA 🐽 says:

    The single tear streaming from Cody’s face as he looks down, giggles and says “fuckin hell dude” is painfully relatable

  4. Taylor W. says:

    Cody sheds 4 tears: “idk how many tears I still have in the ducts”

    Me after crying for four days straight: “I feel like I could use a good cry”

  5. Hunter Cole says:

    Cody: “Are you crying?”
    Me: Teary eyed while taking a bong rip “yes but no”

  6. blake the great says:

    the real tears came when cody said “that gets me even harder” and his dad raised the eyebrow

  7. Poem Irtiza says:

    Man I’d love to see Noel just poker face through this entire thing. He is the only man capable of such a feat

  8. Princess Thlaan says:

    Can “Crying with Cody Ko” be a weekly thing? It made me feel so much better about crying over every bit of wholesome content. ♡

  9. tam withacam says:

    I haven’t seen my dad in 2 years and this is making me want to go surprise him. Video was wholesome as fuck boy.

  10. Simon says:

    you made the whole community break up in tears for 14 minutes straight

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