Try Not To Eat Challenge – Disney Food #3 | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Disney Food #3 | People Vs. Food

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Content featured:
Toy story Buzz and Woody inside of Pizza planet

Mulan // Wake Up Call From Mushu // Collab [Fandub] +BLOOPERS

Mulan – Mushu’s wake up call

Monsters, Inc. – “Abominable Snowman / Snow Cones / The Himalayas” (HD 1080p)


Dumbo meets Timothy Mouse

Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse – Drinking Scene

Dumbo – Hit the Big Boss for a Raise (English + subs)

Lilo and Stitch – Luau Scene

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Try Not To Eat Challenge – Disney Food #3 | People Vs. Food

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26 Responses

  1. REACT says:

    Thanks so much to the SuperFam for selecting this episode! If you’d like to be a part of picking what goes on our channel every month, and participating in more videos like this one, join the SuperFam and support FBE:
    Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing!
    – FBE Team

    • Kennechi Sy says:

      Do cooking master boy! The jello soup, the dragon dumplings, the mapou dofu! The whatever else there was in there that i forgot! COME ON! COOKING MASTER BOOOOOOOOOOY!

    • Cameron Owens says:

      Tom had a great idea. We need a try to eat challenge. It would function the same way as a Try Not to Eat Challenge, but instead of good food, its gross food that are placed in front of the reactors and instead of a punishment at the end, there’s a prize. 😁

      PS. Tom has to be on the 1st episode, since he suggested it.

    • Daym G says:

      Have all the ppl that played undertale react to *down to the bone*

    • Cody Brown says:

      You need to do cartoon network

    • uhuh says:

      How bout a try not to post a video challenge

  2. Dollz Time says:

    SHE should have gotten the pizza seeing that she doesn’t like cake.

  3. Abarnika Jathy says:

    this one is the only one I could have passed. the closest would by Mushu’s breakfast for Mulan.

  4. Isaac Huetter says:

    First of all, how the hell is easy cheese a punishment? And wtf? A crappy chocolate cake as a prize?? I’d rather have the porridge and snow cone!

  5. Tamara O'Brien says:

    Y’all should do a try to eat with disgusting food from movies and shows.

  6. swєєt pєαch says:

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the guy has a perfect mushu impression?

  7. Bronx Dragon says:

    This was just normal food(food you can easily get anywhere) and I’m pretty sure the pizza was just digiorno.

  8. Aproxy_Savage says:

    So no one is going to talk about how Brian sound like Mushu from Mulan at 5:34


    The last food isn’t even as exciting as the other foods….. nor is the punishment as bad, if I were them I wouldn’t pass on any of the foods.

  10. Maka Hassan says:

    “Pizza now is better than pizza later”- Austin Powell

  11. Kallypaso says:

    Try Not To Eat Video Game Food? like food from minecraft, sims, etc?

  12. Benedick Cumbersnatch says:

    I hope Brittany got a slice of pizza. Imagine not having the biggest sweet tooth, but your grand prize is cake!

  13. Sam Adam says:

    Cheese as a punishment?
    Would have eaten the pizza

  14. Victoria Cid says:

    what about a reverse try to eat challenge? the more gross stuff they eat, the more they can eat the reward…?

  15. OneWingDown says:

    Kinda boring with the choices of food. Maybe try something alittle more creative when you use disney movies as a theme.

  16. Melanie Ceren Ruiz says:

    “Pizza now it’s better than pizza later”

    Best quote of 2019

  17. Shawn Aaron Quirante says:

    You guys should make an episode where the winner gets to pick 2 of the dishes they missed and eat it. It’ll make future eps much more indecisive.

  18. Amara Selene says:

    The food this entire video were so boring. I would’ve been pissed to just have cake. Like these foods you can get anywhere

  19. Amanda Hillbilly says:

    Poor Brittany. They should’ve gave her the pizza after she said she dosent like cake. Cruel, cruel world. 😭😭

  20. CamilleSol says:

    I dont think they had chosen very good options this time. I mean I would have said no to all even the reward cake…

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