Try Not To Eat Challenge – Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge – Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

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28 Responses

  1. Ethan Brock says:

    Where was the hot chocolate that Flanders gave to Bart in the Simpsons’ Movie?

  2. zendwayne says:

    How about having the You Tubers try the Try Not To Eat challenge. I’d watch that episode for sure.

  3. ReactorsWorld1 says:

    I would have easily passed this one. I lovee strawberry frosted donuts, but i literally get them all the time at dunkin. And the rest of the food was eh. The winning rib burger looks good though

  4. Derek Berg says:

    You should do try not to eat icarly food!

  5. Hannah Nigrin says:


  6. forgotn1 says:

    Yeaaaars ago, my aunt hosted a Simpson’s themed party. Everyone was encouraged to bring food from the show. One person brought bacon wrapped sausage. Another brought sushi (and called it something related to Blinky lol). I brought a cake I made in a round mold and cut into the shape of a donut with pink frosting drizzled over it and giant sprinkles all over. it was a great party.

  7. Gee sus says:

    do one with food from spongebob

  8. JC1500 Gaming says:

    The last one looks like if plankton tried to make his own krabby patty

  9. Alina Dutra says:

    did anyone else want there to be a krusty burger

  10. almonies says:

    None of that food looks great. The anime food was better.

  11. megagene says:

    How were there no Krusty Burgers/steamed hams? Come on, people.

  12. Anirudh Silai says:

    Eat food from SpongeBob!

  13. Avery .R says:

    Eat food from avatar the last Airbender

  14. delaneyyy yyy says:

    OMG do a try not to eat foods from sponge bob

  15. Bill Buttlicker says:

    do spongebob. first, do seanut brittle, then kelp shake and/or/with kelp fries, then the gooberberry sunrise from the goofy goober ep, then a krusty krab pizza then, finally, do a krabby patty. who ever loses has to eat one bit sized piece of a chum burger for each thing they ate

  16. Ed D says:

    “As a police Officer I am not going to be seen eating donuts.” Hilarious.

  17. Pusha T says:

    REACT Can you do a try not to eat challenge featuring The Rugrats? Or Nickelodeon shows in general?

  18. The Good Mine Builder says:

    I have an idea! Do teens try not to eat challenge, foods from the Pokemon series (all regions) please do this I think it’s a good idea

  19. Joce Gutierrez says:

    They should really let the winners eat all of the food plus the bonus one. It doesn’t seem fair. Plus the reward isn’t enough to turn down all of the cool food they get presented with. Tbh.

    • Yo Susan says:

      The problem would be nobody would eat knowing they would get to eat all of them in the end so it wouldn’t work lol

  20. Landry Allen says:

    Teens try not to eat Spongebob Squarepants’ food!

  21. Taylor Michiels says:

    Try not to eat Bob’s Burgers’ Burgers of the Day. Losers have to eat the Oregano Burger ?

  22. Bianca 123 says:

    React to Why Don’t We PLEASE #notificationSquad ♥️

  23. Mountain Hairline says:

    Subscribe to me please will be making real content soon

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