Try Not To Laugh Challenge # 41 w/ Critical Role

Try Not To Laugh Challenge # 41 w/ Critical Role

It’s time for another Try Not To Laugh challenge with our friends Sam Riegel and Matthew Mercer from Critical Role!

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46 Responses

  1. Dominic Gatto says:

    Me: Watches this video

    Also Me: Does this video count as a JoJo reference?

  2. The Random Iceberg says:

    “My name givin to me is ‘ButtFarts’”
    *”hi buttfarts”*

  3. Ayden Boehme says:

    Does Olivia ever take that outfit off? At this point I feel like it’s actually her skin

  4. TheChalantNerd says:

    My brain: Watch Smosh
    Me: But Fire Emblem
    My brain: Smosh
    Me: okay *sees Matthew Mercer*
    My brain: it is just a person with the same name
    My brain: No. Don’t do it. Please don’t you’ll make a fool of yourself.

  5. Royal Council Soldier says:

    Matthew voiced in JBA: The Animation?! Im-

    a man himself is here. What.

  6. M Thompson says:

    Mathew Mercer: It’s high noon Everyone else: *dies*

  7. Lilly Tharp says:

    Me: *sees Matthew*

    Also me in an Ash voice: *JESSIE MCCREE ITS BEEN A WHILE*

  8. TennoHack says:

    Shayn’s *UNINTELLIGIBLE* is “I’m real sad all the time”

  9. Zack Moore says:

    Shane: you need to apologize my kids can’t hear me cause their listening to kids bop

  10. Watergirl Blue says:

    sometimes it’s not even the jokes themselves that make me laugh, it’s the second they get out of the changing screen and you just see whatever ungodly thing their wearing and it catches you off gaurd. 15:12

  11. Silver Exy says:

    Can we just say Courtney has the best outfits like wow

    • John Ceccarelli says:

      Silver Exy I mean olivias tracksuit? Its the perfect combo of its kinda windy outside and I’m basically a meme at this point

  12. Zoë E. says:

    Shayne has just create a new character “Sharen” (shayne but Karen)

  13. Aphelion says:

    I’m sorry, but Matt just yelling “F*ck You” to Sam at the end was hilarious and I lost it.

  14. Broken Logic says:

    Matt is literally one of the most powerful voice actors. Among many other powerful roles, he’s played both Jotaro and McCree. Holy crap!

  15. *Dabs Flirtatiously* says:

    “you silly gooses geese”
    Me a Canadian:”they are devil spawn not silly”

    • Lucy Gill says:

      My friends and I call them “Winged spawn of satan” cause that’s what they are. Everyon likes a good ol’ Canadian goose till you’ve been bitten by one

    • 666MetalMatt says:

      If you got a problem with Canada Gooses then you got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate.

    • *Dabs Flirtatiously* says:

      @666MetalMatt are you a Canadian goose?

  16. Tyler Maendel says:

    Matt sitting in chair. Doesn’t crack a smile. Looks at whoever’s making him laugh. “How do you want to do this?

  17. Micah Heemstra says:

    K, but why doesn’t Smosh have a D&D series yet? You know Damien would be a great dungeon master

  18. Sam Reitich says:

    Courtney: where can we find you?
    Matthew Mercer: well… *puts on cowboy hat* ever play a little game called Overwatch?

  19. Drejdt says:

    Most people in this comment Section: Matthew the guy that voiced McCree!!!

    Me: THATS LEVI FRICKEN ACKERMAN! *puts fist over heart*

  20. Jerrika Haught says:

    Everyone: *wears dark coloured clothes*

    Olivia: *wears neon pink and purple snow suit*

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