Try Not To Laugh Challenge #44 — LIVE from Australia!

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #44 — LIVE from Australia!

We packed our bags and took your favorite challenge down under! Here’s Try Not To Laugh, live from AUSTRALIA!

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83 Responses

  1. James Hanley says:

    So funny seeing how popular Shayne’s characters are lol

  2. Donovan Wilson says:

    A person who screams every time they breath out

    So shayne

  3. paperflowersdontwilt says:

    “First off, you kinda can’t go right now”


    *I cAn’T BrEAThE*

    • Jonathan C says:

      That sentence has never been more fitting.

    • EonofAeon says:

      Im assuming that this was BEFORE COVID/Pandemic status so now I’m really curious when this was and why he made that joke lol

    • Saskia Tattam says:

      EonofAeon it was the 13 of march it was filmed so it was just as everything was starting in Australia for it (which is why there was the tp joke) they had to cut their trip home early too so they could actually get into America too

    • WolfMan831 says:

      paperflowersdontwilt Uh you should probably go to a doctor.

    • EonofAeon says:

      @Saskia Tattam Oh jeez yeah thats nick of time.

  4. Radoslav Ivanov says:

    I don’t know what was more epic: Damien and Shayne’s dance-off or their flute battle.

  5. randomawesome dude says:

    Can we talk about the fact that Courtney’s impression of Ash is like perfect?

  6. Mr. Sandman says:

    This fall: Shayne Topp as Old Ass Wizard and Damien Haas as Pirate Flute McGee in…

    *whistle wars*

  7. Will Becker says:

    Shayne’s Weary Traveler character finally met his match

  8. 4x1le says:

    courtney’s ash voice is so scary, why is it so perfect

  9. Nick Winz says:

    “An annoying orange! And I’m not talking about the YouTube channel!”
    That. Got. Me.

  10. Absolute Carnage says:

    My interview for Australian citizenship:
    “Do you have a criminal record?”
    “No, is that still required?”

  11. PugPerson 41 says:



  12. dylan jiron says:

    damien and shayne really just did their mating dances on stage and that’s it

  13. Megan The Fencer says:

    Damien’s Mickey Mouse scared me

    Courtney Freakin Miller for the win!

  14. PhantomDeadpool says:

    Is it bad if I was really hoping Shayne would do his offensive Australian stereotype bit for this episode?

  15. yaxmiasn says:

    “an annoying orange and i’m not talking about the youtube channel” really caught me off guard

  16. Kenzie Cullen says:

    Courtney Freaking Miller: *”Deliver a devastating uppercut to Ra the Sun God!”*
    Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles…
    Flitz Nerdsworth: I feel a disturbance in the force.

  17. AMFOS22 says:

    They were in Australia and Shayne didn’t use “I’m an offensive stereotype”

  18. John A says:

    “An annoying orange”
    “And I’m not talking about the YouTube channel”

  19. NoraIsAGamer 29 says:

    Courtney’s impression of Jojo actually scares me, it’s so accurate…..

  20. Jaymie Dumont says:

    The crowd: *quiet* *a little bit of laughter*
    Shayne into any character walks in*
    The crowd: *non stop yelling and cheering*

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