Try Not To Laugh Challenge #45 w/ Brock Baker

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #45 w/ Brock Baker

Today we’re trying not to laugh with the master of impressions, Brock Baker!

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42 Responses

  1. Medinah Brown says:

    Damien has an amazing voice even when he’s talking about pooping his pants.

  2. Olivia Pennington says:

    If Damien doesn’t sing more I’m going to cry… I know his skit was a joke but that angelic voice was not… like… wow🥺💕

  3. Sammy Lee says:

    Either this Try Not to Laugh was extremely funny, or my sense of humor is dying in quarantine.

  4. Reed Dayton says:

    Damien’s bit for Keith 100 percent counts, that was art. Also, props to Kevin for repping the Siamés shirt.

  5. elsie daquep. says:

    yo keith’s hair is fire-
    also, courtney being Ariana Grade is so funny i –

  6. Cade Taylor says:

    I’m really digging Keith’s hair, and his earring, and really the whole aesthetic

  7. Meringue says:

    The rebecca bit was funny enough until Shayne started doing the concerned “I’m going to cry because I’m 4” smile and then I LOST it

  8. L A S A G N A says:

    I’m CRYING

  9. Dylan Cole says:

    Everyone’s either talking about Damien’s voice or Keith’s hair, but I was surprised at how realistic Tommy’s baby crying was

  10. emma harris says:

    WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT “Everyone’s shorter than me and dressing their age” PLEASE COURTNEY ICANT

  11. Dumb peachz says:

    I always laugh when shayne come out dressed like a girl and you can just see his abs 😂

  12. Matt Blade says:

    Everyone’s talking about Damien, Courtney and tommy, and I’m just pissing my pants at shaynes continuation of “woman at the bar” with Keith

  13. Flashpoint Paradox is happening. says:

    Ok but Damien is the actual Disney Prince Of Weebs™ and i do not accept constructive criticism on that

  14. chelsea the trashcan says:

    Damien: what i think i sound like singing
    Courtney: *what i actually sound like singing*

  15. RandomRonnie says:

    When the quarantine is over, you guys should invite the actors from Starkid on Try Not to Laugh. 🙂

  16. RenTheWorld says:

    WHY is no one talking about that plankton bit that was SO FUNNY

  17. Milca Serrati says:

    Shayne: Cross dresses and flirts with Keith

    Noah: “Something’s not right”

  18. Amy Fitzgerald says:

    Top Ten Anime Betrayals:
    1. Damien not laughing at Shayne’s bit

  19. KatWoman says:

    “my hand is a dolphin”
    He did the parody of Rebecca and my jeans

  20. HeadBanger Boogie says:

    Why is everyone talking about what we’re not talking about?

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