Try Not To Laugh Challenge #47 – At Home Edition!

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #47 – At Home Edition!

The Try Not To Laugh challenge you know and love, coming to you (sort-of) live from our homes!

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38 Responses

  1. Smosh Pit says:

    I’m Helen Mirren.

  2. Benjamen Lebedev says:

    Ok. Ok.

    The fact that they pulled it off during quarantine – that’s just…… hey.

    Kudos to Smosh. can’t say anything else.

    • Truth FACTS says:

      Hey look once again Courtney Miller doing that thing where she always does where she over acts and is dramatic about everything. She’s already point blank known in the squad as the one that most people don’t like because she’s annoying as h***. Then again they said the only reason why she’s even in the show is because she’s blonde . And that’s about that pretty much she’s eye candy that’s why she got hired in the 1st place according to Ian and the heads up. Van there’s Olivia who people think is attractive but when he is not make up on she is ugly as h***.

    • ahenryXOXO says:

      Truth FACTS and you’re mad because…..?

    • Chloe Quinn says:

      @Truth FACTS your f****** discusting

    • Levi Southerland says:

      Truth FACTS you’re tone seems very pointed at the moment

    • kw says:

      @Truth FACTS Damn you really went to all that effort to come to this exact video, scroll down to that exact comment and write this dissertation on why you don’t like a couple of people.

  3. mynameismarley says:

    Tommy never fails to make me laugh god I love him

  4. jason enriquez says:

    I’m getting some “is there anything scary” vibes from courtney’s bit. Didn’t think it could be topped

    P A R A N O R M A L

    P A R T I C L E S

  5. jcscband says:

    I literally went nuts when Shayne went under the shower. Seriously, I was laughing real hard, banging my heads against my pillow and I just couldn’t stop it. Kudos to Shayne, and to the rest of the team! Thank you for all the entertainment despite the current situation. Stay safe!

  6. Eimear NicPhaidin says:

    Olivia: *speaks to phone*
    I’m Helen Mirren
    Everybody: *laughs*

    Sarah: she didn’t even start yet

  7. rosie says:

    I’m just upset that Shayne didn’t say “And now on to weather, which I also do.”

  8. Samantha Piehl says:

    In my opinion, this is a million times funnier with harmonicas. 😂😂

  9. makai H says:

    You I should do another one of these “at home” try not to laugh challenges

  10. SaraKate says:

    “Wanna buy a harmonica?”
    I open my coat to reveal rows of harmonicas. A gust of wind hits me, creating the worst noise in the world.

  11. Zoe Witham says:

    I have not laughed as hard as I did when Shayne just APPEARED in the shower in so long!! It was also funny to see everyone’s reaction to it!

  12. Lauren says:

    “Coachella at home” in that stupid warbly voice filter on repeat made me make a disgusting wheezing sound.

  13. Aditi Jerai says:

    Olivia: and even though… even though…
    My mind: And even though we’re here to prob you’re rectums…

  14. Tara Pitcairn says:

    Ian: *dies*
    Everyone: *harmonizes*

  15. suchith 25 says:

    Smosh: we can’t use water coz of equipment.
    Shayne: It’s showerrrr time(with the equipment….)

  16. Mr. Snorto-butt says:

    Intro: *Olivia says something funny*

    Everyone: *🎶Harmonic laughter🎶*

  17. MANIAKT says:

    No one:
    Not even Helen Mirren:
    Olivia: cOaCHeLLa AT hOmE!

  18. Booward says:

    Smosh member: makes a joke

    Everyone else: *harmonica intensifies*

  19. Denise F. says:

    Petition to get Tommy to make a full fledged version of “Coachella At Home” please and thank you

  20. Osco Tube says:


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