Try Not To Say WOW Challenge … (IMPOSSIBLE)

Try Not To Say WOW Challenge … (IMPOSSIBLE)

Azzyland – Try Not To Say WOW Challenge … (IMPOSSIBLE)

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40 Responses

  1. Patrik Husu says:

    Azzy: *says wow almost every time*
    Me: – _-

  2. always tpwk says:

    It’s amusing and annoying how many times she said wow and didn’t even realize 🙂

  3. BTS_Funneh Jungkook says:

    I count it how many times Azzy said “Wow”:31 times

  4. Tae Toe says:

    5:10 azzy:ahhhh I HATE IT TAKE IT AWAY TAKE IT AWAY!

    me: I want one🤩 it looks sooooo cool were can I buy it?✌

  5. Coco fox says:

    Azzy… yOu said “wow” a lot of times 😅 and did not even notice

  6. Alyssa Charlotte says:

    Azusa: being surprised when reacting
    Me: *not surprised at all*

  7. I love the Beatles : ‘ says:

    She said wow like every time and didn’t take off a life. 😂

  8. Ceci Suermann says:

    I feel like wo shouldn’t be allowed because it’s a shorter version of wow

  9. Crazy kitty 0235 says:

    All those whoa’s still count, Azzy. Sorry😂

  10. Ella Ginet says:

    Azzy: I’m so scared of jellyfish

    Me: “faints when sees spider

  11. Elley McGrath 2010 says:

    This is how many times Azzy said woah in she’s of wow lol♡


  12. Ella Dolphin says:

    When the two cars went together she said wow but didn’t catch herself

  13. Jordan Natisha says:

    *try not to say wow challenge*
    Azzy: *says “Woah” after every clip*

  14. Brian Tollison says:

    She didnt even take away a heart even though she said it, its like she is ignoring it.when you go in min. And 14 secs she already lost all the hearts.

  15. Alicia Norman says:

    This is how many times Azzy said “WOW”

  16. Juan Galpin says:

    Azzy said so many wow and she didn’t realize.

  17. Noah_playz Roblox says:

    Most of the time she kept on saying “wow” without losing a life

  18. Eva Green says:

    Leave a like if you heard her say wow the second round


  19. JUST ELLY says:

    I don’t think she realized she was doing a try NOT to say WOW!

  20. Stephen Hill says:

    I love how azzy said wow Everytime and she didn’t count it off.

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