TRY NOT TO Slip ‘N Slide Through the Wrong MYSTERY BOX!!

TRY NOT TO Slip ‘N Slide Through the Wrong MYSTERY BOX!!

We have 2 Slip ‘n Slides, with 2 mystery boxes over them.. Choose the right one and you’re in the clear!


Shoutout to Cam & Jeff:

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If you read this far down the description I love you

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43 Responses

  1. Christina Protic says:

    AYYYY! I will LOVE to see you reach 10M subs!😍GREAT VIDEO Faze Rug!🤗💯❤️

  2. Water says:

    I feel like he had it all planned, like he knew which one had the stuff in it. He’s probably just doing it for views. But that’s my opinion.

  3. gamingwithdev says:

    Lol that’s not Lego’s that’s build blocks 😂😂😂learn the difference rug 😂😂

  4. Alison Miranda says:

    Can you do a water park again in your backyard.because now is summer like if you agree

  5. Switchy Redd says:

    Damn I just realized I been here since before 1 mil

  6. Kevin says:

    If there talking while his back is turned then wouldn’t he know what slide is getting worked on ….

    I know these are for kids but idk 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Yuri Scharan says:

    is papa rug on cocaine

  8. Young Bull says:

    Who else want to see Rug with a fade and line up?

  9. Jo Sqaud says:

    You should put the slipping slide on the ramp you have and slide into the pool like if you agree

  10. Nayleen Campos says:

    Whoever dislike this video Tbh you guys are Dumb 😕 BUT whoever liked this video you guys are the BEST!!❤️😂

  11. Sonia's Way says:

    You make awesome vlogs ❤️
    I’m trying to make videos too, hope I can be as good as you someday 🙏

  12. Grace George says:

    The Ace Family is catching up to you really fast.

  13. alison sulkin says:

    Where is Moly ? You should do this With Moly .. It would be fun.

  14. Janett Sanchez says:

    why does rug look way younger on this video??😂

  15. JA 8 says:

    I watch cam and Jeff yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. TheRealVaccinal says:

    Rug thanks for the inspiration every day!! To keep going on my youtube

  17. Jeroen Leenders says:

    Came here from Cam and Jeff, you guys should Go Check them out,.
    They Made more Awesome vids.

  18. Our Founding Liars says:

    The top 2 trending videos have the word “mystery” in it… that’s interesting.. youtube is implying their is some sort of sinister mystery they are covering up. Probably Illuminati related. Someone at youtube wants the truth to be revealed so he made these trend as a subtle hint. Keep a s k I n g q u e s t I o n s. What’s at the end of the water slide

    • ahmadsbRBLX says:

      Our Founding Liars YouTube is clearly hiding an event that’ll happen in the US sometime soon regarding either slides or water. Maybe how New Jersey is flooding?

    • Our Founding Liars says:

      ahmadsbRBLX hmmmm…. i think I heard of that

    • ahmadsbRBLX says:

      Our Founding Liars YouTube is clearly making an event, this comment section is proof! Quickly, take photos of this and save it before YouTube deletes it!

  19. Giulia Kids says:

    Awesome vlog Brian! 😂

  20. OhMrZack says:

    Wasn’t FaZe a sniping team? Lol

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