try try try again

try try try again

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Can’t believe we’re actually saying this…. but our family is GROWING! It’s been such a wild journey the past year and we feel so blessed to share this with you. We’ve got some fun tricks up our sleeve… and a lot of updates to come! What are some of the questions you have?! Also, how do we hold 3 babies at once?! Asking for a friend 😉

Love, The East Fam

This vlog, blog, youtube, family, interview, behind the scenes video was one we’ve been so excited to share. Let us know what other questions you might have for us!

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19 Responses

  1. Kenia Kennedy says:

    Congratulations! Just know, Andrew’s dad is holding your baby until he/she is ready to come into your arms…..what a blessing!🤗

  2. Liz La Voie says:

    “I feel like we’re done.” – Shawn…

    “Well, you never know. I’m from a family of five.” – Drew….

    “I know. We’re done.” – Shawn lol

    Congrats! Praying for a healthy baby!

  3. Lacy Ogle says:

    We have five boys! You’ve got this! You two are strong, loving, and compassionate parents. The more kids, the more fun there is to have.

  4. dawn chute says:

    I completely understand… I have had 6 pregnancies 3 babies and there would have been 8 is all the babies had stuck. Both of my boys are 1/2 of a set of twins. I am so extremely happy for you all! Sending lots of love and plenty of baby dust!!

  5. Thriving Ex JW says:

    I had to take fertility meds to get pregnant with each of my kids.. the negative tests results is unbelievably heart wrenching! We were finally blessed with 3 kids in 3 1/2 years 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 and many years later 11 grandkids!! You have a wonderful journey ahead of you 💜 Congratulations!

  6. Peggy Thomas says:

    Congratulations! When my girl’s dad died on 10-28-21 a couple weeks before he thought he had a dream of seeing a little girl but didn’t know who she was. On 10-29-21 my oldest daughter found out she was pregnant, (which was a total surprise) it turned out she is a girl, born 4 days before her grandpa’s birthday! Things happen for a reason, they also say with a death, there is a birth.

    • Sandy R says:

      So sorry for your loss💔
      Congrats on your granddaughter 🎉

    • Cristine Judd says:

      Congratulations! That’s wonderful news! Three is a great number! Such a cute family I came from a family of three siblings I had three kiddos it is actually very easy with three! You have such a cute family! ❤😊😊❤

  7. Heidi Beck says:

    Tears of joy!! Thank you for sharing and I’ll be praying!!! Children are a blessing.

  8. Natasha Massie says:

    My family has always told me that if you lose someone close to you in your family that someone will get pregnant and bring new life into your family ❤❤❤ its always been so true for me!!

  9. Carla says:

    4 makes even numbers! Everyone has a buddy! I grew up the oldest of 4. It really does help with some of the skirmishes. No “middle kid” stuff…. If I COULD have, we would have had 4. But, man! We love our 3 musketeers! ❤️ Either way, it’s amazing! Congratulations, y’all! Sending prayer for a rest of pregnancy and delivery awesomeness! ❤️

  10. Kelly Stuck says:

    Why am I so invested in people I do not even know?! I’m so freaking excited as if you all are my own family!!

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