trying all kinds of SPAM w/ ​⁠Gina Darling

trying all kinds of SPAM w/ ​⁠Gina Darling

Your fate is one thing. Sealed.

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Intro and additional music by Harry Foster

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47 Responses

  1. HorseLuver4Ever says:

    Arin seems to have embodied Dan’s inability to eat today.

  2. Lilja says:

    “Dan cooks like a microwave” and “Arin what you’re experiencing right now is a psychological phenomenon known as transference- I’m not your dad.” Are my newest favorite GameGrumps quotes.

  3. Tommy Booton says:

    Dan denying the cannibal restraint means he’s been to the cannibal restaurant

    • Princess Blazena says:

      The first rule of cannibal restaurant is that you don’t talk about cannibal restaurant…

    • Jaysus Crass says:

      oh you mean Dan’s restaurant / crematorium?
      love the tagline for it ‘You kill ’em- WE’LL grill ’em!’
      it’s great writing-
      he should do music or something!

    • Luminous says:

      Well yeah, the people they serve there are the people that blabbed about the cannibal restaurant.

  4. Brotus Clips says:

    you say she wants ethically sourced human meat? everyone say hello to the third grump

  5. Not Sure says:

    Gina is the most adorable person ever. Her “it tastes like a divorce in your mouth” was on par with Dan’s “it’s like if your dad’s disappointment in your life choices was a flavor.”

    • Sam Chilton says:

      I think the only disappointment Avi can have about Dan is him constantly making that joke. That and immediately destroying the snowblower.

    • Molue says:

      I remember seeing a YouTube short of some guy trying old recipes, and he described the flavor of one of the baking dishes he made as “Widowed and Forlorn”.

    • KiAhNaLyNn says:

      @Molue that sounds like a B. Dylan Hollis quote for sure lmao

    • Molue says:

      @KiAhNaLyNn I just looked up the name, it was *definitely* him. With the foof, the wandering accent, and everything.

    • _Payfya says:

      Congrats on 1k likes!! ^^

  6. Liz the Disjointed Zebra says:

    Arin: “would you eat a human?”
    Gina: “I am so glad you brought that up!”
    Dan’s face: “oh shit”

  7. Weird Cat says:

    2 minutes in and Gina already feels like female Arin. Already love it.

    wait nvm Arin keeps spitting out the spams and she’s like “uh-huh not bad”. She’s more Arin than Arin.

  8. Jonas Quinn says:

    I am honestly shocked that they didn’t mix all the Spam’s together and make Arin eat it

  9. Emma Dobbins says:

    Man, Danny is usually hilarious but he is on *fire* this episode

    • Fickle Films says:

      Was thinking the same, he was at the top of his game for sure

    • SpazztastiKim says:

      His quips were fantastic to the point I needed to pause to catch my breath. Then Arin just suffering and kind of trying not to? “I think maybe this is, this is the Seventh Horcrux?” Good episode. <3

    • Sofia Elise says:

      This Boi is on fireeee 🔥🔥

    • MrSystemsGuy says:

      His comedy has continued to mature over the years. I honestly think if he wrote some standup he would bring the house down.

    • Philip K says:

      I thought you were going to say “But he’s less funny on some days.”

  10. minisomma says:

    Gina showed up, matched the energy perfectly, and helped bring the episode up. Helluva guest, great times had by all.

    • Philosophy_Bot says:

      Beep bop… I’m the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:

      “Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man”
      ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

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