Trying Awful Viral Photo Ideas

Trying Awful Viral Photo Ideas

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Back at it again trying some troom troom crafts. This time we’re following some of their viral instagram photo ideas. Enjoy 🙂

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53 Responses

  1. Nat Clemmings says:

    Danny is so lucky, he got to meet Billie Eilish 😭

  2. Robbie Hope says:

    “I drive a prius”

    My head : Yo I have a Prius, do you have a Prius? YOU SHOULD GET A PRIUS

  3. GetDatPromo says:

    Danny’s print scanner photo looks like the kind of photo that a coroner takes at the morgue when they have an unidentified John Doe corpse that has been found murdered !! 🤣🔪

  4. olivia decker says:

    danny: so the plant i’m using actually isn’t a fern it’s just some exotic plant
    the plant: *is a fern

  5. aarya patel says:

    The only way troom troom goes viral is because of Danny’s trolling of the channel

  6. Loz Brown says:

    regarding the weird knock to your filming rig: has the ghost from the airbnb you stayed at followed you home or do you suffer from the troom troom curse?

  7. Mr mango I says:

    The scanner picture looks like a body in a freezer

  8. Grass Potati says:

    Coulda sworn for a second Billie Eilish stole Danny’s channel

  9. yAsdisguki Shee says:

    Danny: I drive a Prius but don’t tell anyone okay?

    Also Danny: *tells 1 million people*

  10. [name] says:

    i feel robbed of my “what’s up greg” and i’m not sure how to handle it

  11. Bande Taiwo says:

    “Leaf don’t look like hair” -Danny Gonzalez 2020

  12. Vyansya says:

    Danny: im sorry its not a fern
    Also Danny: *is holding a fern leaf*

  13. HarriWasHere says:

    _”leaf don’t look like hair”_
    -Drew Gooden, 2020

  14. Matt Manch says:

    Troom Troom: “This fern…”
    Me: “That’s not a fern”
    Danny: “I apologize this isn’t a fern”
    Me: “That is a fern”

  15. meme channel says:

    Troom troom has everyone putting plants on their heads!

    1. is this real life
    2. DIVORCE

    • Biscuit Gidoni says:

      Nah.. Anucha “Cha” Saengchart aka ‘Low Cost Cosplay’ did it first.. they just copying him

  16. Ah ya duh says:

    Danny, can you turn that shirt into merch but its “DANNYBOY” not “DADDYBOY”

  17. Sophia Costello says:


  18. DDGachaFox says:

    Danny why weren’t you in the thumbnail? You just put Billie twice

  19. Ava Capdevila says:

    “Comment down below how much I look like Billie Eilish”
    Bruh Billie Eilish has been real quiet since you posted this.

  20. Disgruntled Artichoke says:

    I don’t like the new Troom Troom narrator

    She doesn’t seem trustworthy

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