Trying Back To School Life Hacks to see if they work

Trying Back To School Life Hacks to see if they work

Trying Back To School Hacks to see if they work! I thought I’d test out some amazing diy school life hacks for you guys to see if they work! Comment what you think of these do it yourself life hacks, supplies and ideas! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and WATCH my Life Hacks Playlist

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50 Responses

  1. SSSniperWolf says:

    on a scale of 1-10 how awake do I look? Left life hacks playlist link in the description 🙂

  2. josefina evangelista says:

    In philippines public schools they sell candies even though we are in the middle of a subject btw I’m using my grandmas phone 🙂

  3. Angel Baby Vlogs says:

    SssniperWolf quote when someone eats a scittle ” *I* *CANT* *HELP* *IT* *I* *JUST* *WANTED* *TO* *TASTE* *THE* *RAINBOW* ” ? priceless

  4. Jaslin Revelly says:

    If i was in class and I pulled out some food…


  5. IamDatPandagirl :p says:

    Sssniper wolf : sleeps with glasses on ( totaly realistic )

    Teacher : (slaps girl ) BOIIIIII Wut u doin?

  6. Yassmin Aldardari says:

    In sweden we aren’t allowed to have any candy or snacks or caprisun;((((((((

  7. Akhlaq says:

    lia * you were not allowed to eat in science class
    Me * having lunch in chemistry lab with my boiis..

  8. Kawaii Anime girl says:

    Have you always wanted to talk to sssniperwolf on the phone welll….

    if you watch her videos using headphones take your headphones further away from ur ear

  9. Lissa4ever says:

    I’m not allowed to eat in class but u don’t need any of these hacks you just need to put it in your pocket and when the teacher is turned away u sneak food into your mouth ?

  10. GamerGirl5688 says:

    Who rembers when she posted 2 times a day? Love you sssniperwolf

  11. jpayakpate says:

    SniperWolf: “Do you guys have food in class?”
    Me: “No….Maybe….Yes?”

  12. TwilightFly says:

    In my school I can eat candy and regular food in any class. Except Gym of course

  13. Liveyourlife Don’t let anyone change it says:

    Some classes I’m not allowed to have drinks and snacks and you can’t bring food in the school unless it from home

  14. L·öṿệṩḧäḳệ Ḧệäŕẗ Ṩẗüďïöṩ says:

    i got a back to school ad before this video started-

  15. DistinctGamer says:

    You guys are lucky, we don’t have ” *Summer Holidays* ” we only get December Holidays. And school starts in January and ends in December. Life is hard. Rip in the chat??

  16. Muhammad Hamza Khan says:

    Who always watches but never does this stuff?

  17. Nalini Sankar says:

    What school started well that’s to bad for those who have to go and thank God I live in another country. Hope everyone have a great term

  18. kittensandkats mk says:

    “The other hard part is making them look the same.”

    *Welcome to the artist struggle*

  19. Emily R says:

    When you Said bills I thought you meant Bills the restaurant

  20. Ella Bella games says:

    Use hand sanitizer to get the sharpie off of your island

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