Trying durian as an adult

Trying durian as an adult

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  1. Ten Ways To Wear It says:

    I love your parents. They seem hella cool. Love how your mom just knew there was more in there. ♥️♥️

  2. Ellen Marie says:

    Fun Fact: Despite its stinking smell, durian is known as the “King of fruits” because all of its numerous health benefits it has to offer! 🙃

  3. Geks says:

    My Filipino friend brought me to a restaurant where we got like a durian dessert shake of some sorts. To this day I’ve never had anything like it and don’t know exactly what was in it but it was so yummy.

  4. GraceGrapes says:

    the smell of durian doesn’t bother me because I grew up around it in the Philippines but I don’t particularly like the taste of it but i will still eat it if given to me


    “turn out to be 100 dollars”
    Me in Malaysia: *pulls out 5 dollars*

  6. Iliad Novak says:

    Wow. It’s that expensive in the US?

    We grow em all over the Philippines. It’s also pricey compared to other fruit probably like 10$ for a big one.

    Just don’t be in the room when they cut it. You’ll associate the smell with the taste.

    Focus on your tongue more than inhaling while eating. It has the texture of a creamy rich banana (like a fluffy but wet pudding) but the taste is like a sweet jackfruit and banana.

    It’s the aftertaste that comes off like the scent of it (very minute but it gets to some people). You have to ignore that part consciously if you don’t already do 😆

    • Ra says:

      I don’t think durian can grow in the US so they probably cost a lot more because they’re exported

    • Oneebie says:

      2 to 3 dollar durian in most places ive been even in davao. I dont know most of the prices since we have durian trees in our farm but ive sold durian when i was a kid and we usaully sell it less than 1 dollar per kilo so its dirt cheap

    • Iliad Novak says:

      @Oneebie People from Mindanao have the best prices on fruit 😆

    • the pink says:

      @Cameron Schyuder thats still expensive. In my country it will be 1-2 dollars.

    • 로라 [Laura] says:

      @the pink Newsflash: Exporting goods cost money.

  7. CottonCandyWitch says:

    Moral of the story: Mom is always right

  8. Ramon Campo says:

    Lisa’s dad: No theres none left
    Lisa’s mom: Ultra instinct mode activated

  9. Legend5 says:

    I was so scared that she will say “the taste and the smell feel like it’s missing some spice” proceeds to put red chilies on top of Durian.

  10. Aashiqui Pyaar Ishq says:

    Actually, the first I ate Durian, i really hate like, it smells bad and taste so sad, but after awhile i ate it again and BOOM! it was my favorite fruit now💖😍😘

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