Trying Hair Braiding Tutorials

Trying Hair Braiding Tutorials

Here are the links to the videos I followed:

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31 Responses

  1. isabel garcia says:

    7:52 shane dawson stop your wedding plans this is an emergency

  2. Gus Bus says:

    Dont take Julien to the movies with that wig, snacks arent allowed

  3. blueprint. says:

    1:30 LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE! I love braiding hair and I’m very good at it! When should I move?

  4. ALB says:

    Jenna: “Even if I had a person with real hair!”
    Julien: “I’m a person..”

    Aw Julien you’re not a person you’re just a friend 😂

  5. EighteenDiamonds says:

    Julien: “I’m a person” I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  6. Adina F. says:

    I literally can NOT do my hair nicely to save my whole ass life so thank you for validating those of us who are braid challenged

  7. Kelli Marissa says:

    Jenna you should do a video trying to follow nail art tutorials 😏

  8. Madison B. says:

    I watched a whole ad for you Jenna. *Get your coin sis!*

    Edit: Jenna’s already rich rich but a sis wanna make you more rich rich 🤠

  9. Dave Sharpe says:

    Bald guy here. You seemed a bit disparaged, although trust me. I’m jealous. 👍😊

    • Jessie J says:

      Awwww. Don’t be disheartened. You have no hair cause there was just so much wonderful you that the universe couldn’t contain you in full.

  10. Kat says:

    Jenna baby, my hair is longer than my arms and your brain frustration was literally whispered straight from my soul. I’m sorry you’re suffering but girl, that struggle is real.

  11. Aero Nalex says:

    Hi, gay man here.

    If you want big fluffy braids, try to curl your hair first. Why? Curling puts texture and volume into your hair and allows it to more easily hold the shapes you put into it. Curling is the keystone to almost any updo. If you have hair that is actually straight and very sleek, nothing is going to hold. You can put in tension till you’re bald but they’re gonna fall out without texture.

    CURL 👏 YOUR 👏 HAIR 👏

  12. Barbara Gorski says:

    Soo tips for messy braids;
    -Spray your hair with texturasing spray!! (can be beach salt spray) It creates a grip!
    -spray your hair with dry shampoo
    -try teasing strands of hair before you braid them
    -separate with comb, or bobby pin to head when u fluff them

    Hope that helps!

  13. aechmea says:


    Julien: *aggressively approaches mic* pUt SoMe wHip CrEaM oN mE cAusE iM A aPpLe PiE

  14. Laura Tozer Art says:

    Hi my name’s Julien I have a BRAID-sketball game TOMORROW!!!!

    Never mind it got cancelled

  15. Noelle Cook says:

    Step 1: get a wig similar to your hair color
    Step 2: braid it how you want
    Step 3: wear it whenever you hate your hair or yourself 👌👍

  16. LS says:

    Im glad I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t follow a YouTube hair tutorial. Like did anyone ever perfect YouTube hair tutorial🤔?!??

  17. Ashleigh Nielsen says:

    Your last braids look like the twins from how to train your dragon I’m crying

  18. Lanach 07 says:

    “look like Jesus” .i just choked on my cereals😂

  19. Linz _ zee says:

    Tbh, since Jenna is good at *literally everything she tries* I was expecting a different outcome.. but I was not _at all_ disappointed.

  20. kieran krueger says:

    i’ve been subscribed since the days of the spider-man cardboard cutout and you’re the one person my love for has not faded even slightly over the years. i grew up on your content and i really love your new stuff. i like watching your videos when i get home from work or when i’m sad because it feels like hanging out with a friend

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