Trying Icelandic Candy

Trying Icelandic Candy

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20 Responses

  1. MrGama04 says:

    His mom has the snapchat filter on

  2. Nafn says:

    oh man, can somebody once and for all explain why everyone is licorice
    phobic in england/usa? anyway, on my way to eat licorice easter egg

  3. Bjarti Højbro says:

    I love icelandic sweets

  4. Wx4Hawk says:

    Black shit haha best name for licoruish. Basicly every country except the
    scandinavian countrys hate licoruish.

  5. Kidd Sandro says:

    Clicked on the video 300k views refreshes the video 700k+ views

  6. Mikael Lehtinen says:

    that stuff seriously is propably good not kidding. salmiakki is better

  7. Harley Quinn says:

    go cabres sun

  8. the-virus says:

    …..ok deji im pretty sure the black stuff is shit

  9. Oscar Schack Madsen says:

    Lakrids is so good!

  10. pedro reyes says:


  11. Kayman Mellor says:

    am I the only one who came here because of gudjondaniel roasts

  12. Mr Bunny says:

    No one better like this comment… im trying to sleep and my phone keeps
    going off

  13. Marnix Thoen says:


  14. Mak 7 mk says:

    Make your parents react to 2 girls one cup

  15. andy estrada says:

    did it expire

  16. Shermhead Busta says:

    background music? anyone?

  17. anna steinson says:

    fuck you i live in Iceland and that candy is good your just a dick and a

  18. Mat Jwz says:

    +comedyshortsgamer please eat dutch candy!!!!

  19. Google Girl says:

    Deji, people in Iceland eat this candya

  20. Daði Vikar says:

    haha, dont be feel sorry for us, we actually like that black shit.
    otherwise it wouldnt be sold here eventually