Trying Jeffree Star Makeup I Missed While I Was Gone

Trying Jeffree Star Makeup I Missed While I Was Gone

Thank you again sooo much to Shane for giving me all this make-up!!!

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45 Responses

  1. Eugenia Cooney says:

    I was so excited to try these new products!! I missed so much while I was gone!! haha And HUGE thank you to Shane Dawson for giving me these!! That was sooo kind and I was so surprised and happy!! ???

  2. Abi Simply says:

    Oh my gosh I missed your cute smile so much! ???I LOVED that you didn’t really have a plan for your eyeshadow and played with different colours because it looks super cute and this was great to watch.that hint of green under the eye was an nice touch??Fantastic to have you back.????

  3. Alyssa Irwin says:

    Girl you keep saying “I’m not a beauty guru! I don’t really know what I’m doing!” But you are so so good at makeup! Your eyeshadow is stunning!

  4. Grace Glover says:

    Ive missed her so much ❤? so much love for this girl so inspiring and amazing!!!

    Also who else wants to see Jefree react to this? ??

  5. Desiree Bell says:

    I was very unsure if i wanted to buy the jawbreaker palette but you just sold me to it. Beautiful makeup look. Also yes please do another video with the blue blood palette. ???????

  6. army n cheshire - clc fan! says:

    Remember that there’s thousands and thousands of people who LOVES and CARES for you❤️ Glad you’re back Eugenia!

  7. Alexis Stewart says:

    Girl I wish I had your skin and eye shape. You have a beautiful complexion. And your hair is so full❤️ I want all of jeffree’s collections so I’m jealous you got all of that makeup but Shane is a kind soul and that’s so sweet of him to give all of it to you.

  8. CrunchyJelloComics says:

    Omg the colors you chose are so pretty!!!!!!!!! I can’t get over how beautiful those colors are!! You should totally do a whole unicorn look. Love you gorl ??

  9. Yo Yo says:

    Eugenia has been so kind to everyone even through the hate. Things can be super hard even if it doesn’t physically show. We’re proud of you Eugenia. Keep fighting no matter what and we’re here for you. ?

  10. isobel jordanna 69 says:

    honestly, i’d not heard of you before shane’s video. however, you seem like such a sweet girl, you’re so gorgeous and your personality is so lovely. i aspire to be as kind as you. stay beautiful <3

  11. AwkwardAlyssa says:

    I’m so glad your positivity has never shaken. It’s helped me a lot and I’m so proud of you for how far you’ve come!

  12. Sidney Novak says:

    – a new beauty guru has joined the chat ????

  13. She Dix Xi says:

    Your voice kills me actually tho it’s so qt ❤️???

  14. 4ever21britany says:

    @JEFFREE STAR please do a full glam look and make over on Eugeneia ??

  15. Emily Dillard says:

    i honestly don’t know how people could be so cruel towards her because she’s honestly so adorable and such a sweetheart. Love you Eugenia! ♥️?

  16. Miri Adamowicz says:

    Eugenia: “it would be kinda weird to have only one eye done”
    Also Eugenia: sits with Shane being so polite while he only has one of makeup on.

  17. Hana Polenceusz says:

    This is the amount of fans Eugenia Cooney has ??????? (Make sure is a high amount)

  18. heather chandler says:

    Eugenia needs to drop a skin routine. Her skin is so insanely clear and beautiful. She’s always been super pretty but had always had makeup on. She is so gorgeous

  19. Ruff Inc says:

    dont mind me im just here to leave a like. as a male i cant stand make up tutorials but i can still support a kind person. KEEP IT UP EUGENIA! KIA KAHA (STAY STRONG)

  20. ralph marco says:

    Petition for Eugenia and Jeffree to collab

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