Trying Lil Yachty’s Pizza With Lil Yachty!

Trying Lil Yachty’s Pizza With Lil Yachty!

In this video we do a food review of Lil Yachty’s pizza with Lil Boat himself. Enjoy!


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30 Responses

  1. Baylen Levine says:

    My merch is now available in every Zumiez store in the country! Love you guys, thanks for making all of this possible

  2. TD BRICKS says:

    I love how you’re just casually hanging with Lil Yachty that’s true friendship

  3. Landon Thornburg says:

    I love how humble he is he takes time to talk to everyone.

  4. Octane main lol says:

    Peej’s dad is amazing. He’s so funny and makes the vlogs 10x better when he’s in them

  5. wbird says:

    It’s so cool to me how baylen is more than a YouTuber. He’s got a connection with everyone of us even if we haven’t met him. But I truly feel like I’ve known him my hole life. We have such a cool connection and bond with him just because of how genuine and real he is. This is what a role model is and this is what a friend is 💚

  6. blue says:

    I haven’t watched his videos in awhile, but I’ve been subscribed to him since the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve always been so jealous of how many friends he has and how close they are. I’d do anything to have friends like that..

  7. crisoncreamyy says:

    I am so proud of how Baylen has gotten! Thank you for the amount of laughter you brought into me and may life lead you to success :)!

  8. Rhino TV says:

    Man’s really blowing uo now. Congrats man enjoy it 🙂

  9. Zohair Khan says:

    we need more of that security guard, he looks funny af

  10. Lil Peej says:

    My dad woke up from a nap to say hi 🤣🤣 he has never done that before

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