Trying The World’s MOST Beautiful Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Trying The World’s MOST Beautiful Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Hi everyone!!!! Welcome BACK to my channel.. Today we’re embarking on a makeup journey!! The first makeup review of 2022. When I first saw the photos of these makeup products, I didn’t think they were real… But today we’re trying the world’s most beautiful makeup! Does it actually work or is it just pretty to look at?? Watch and find out the REAL truth.

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31 Responses

  1. Fauziia Akhtar says:

    Looking good Jeffree ! Honestly missed this series and I can’t go buy something unless it’s Jeffree star approved

    • Paige S. says:

      @AM you’re obviously a child. shoo.

    • Mom Nom says:

      @Paula Sue goodnight love

    • Mom Nom says:

      @alinac2807 if you read properly I didn’t say anything wrong I simply asked a question and was accused of being rude

    • Paula Sue says:

      @Mom Nom That’s where you’re wrong. The one thing that I said wrong, I corrected. Yet everything that had spewed out of your keyboard towards me has been nothing but rude. Oops, I’m wrong again. The “goodnight Love” wasn’t rude but it’s the only thing that wasn’t. The least you could do is own up to your own ugliness. It’s the grown up thing to do.

    • Mom Nom says:

      @Paula Sue Paula let it go it wasn’t your business in the first place go put your feet up and take a deep breath goodnight

  2. Lau Dumé says:

    You look amazing Jeffree! We miss you so much, I’m glad to see you happy. These were some of my favorite videos, and I’m so glad to be able to watch them again! ✨

  3. Princess Lunar says:

    I remember seeing this brand a few months ago on insta. People were calling it boujee and cheap in the comments. I always thought it was absolutely stunning, guess I was right.

    • alisa debona says:

      I saw this about a year ago and I think it’s so beautiful. I wouldn’t dare use it. Works of art. The packaging alone. And the price points. Let’s face it China can produce the cheapest in the world. If it was French, Italian or American it would be 3 x more expensive. Love it.

  4. D Hugs says:

    OMFG…I have never seen Jeffree look more beautiful. The matte foundation base, the eyebrows are keepers, and that hair…can I talk about that hair?! The color is fantastic and the cut is so flattering for both his face and for highlighting the products he reviews. I took screen shots for my “hair” folder and to send to my daughter with the caption “who is this gorgeous creature?” (She guessed but it was still fun.) Keep the hair, keep the nails, keep the eyebrows. You are beautiful! You look refreshed and calm and relaxed. Yaks must be good for the soul. Leave LaLaLand and the drama behind.

  5. iheartShaneandJeffree says:

    I’m so proud of the person you are becoming. You have made so many positive changes and I’m here for it. Love you J ⭐️🖤 thank you for always making me laugh when I need it most. You are the medicine 🖤💯

  6. Luna💗𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е says:

    What I appreciate about his reviews is that he doesn’t need to make a “look” with the products because he cares about the quality

    • Miles Hector says:

      Such a good take! It’s like when artists have been secretly wearing there makeup line for months and then they tell us when they announce it. The only thing I can tell about the product from their pics is the colour.

    • Samantha Saint James says:

      its called “play”

  7. Pumpum Pum says:

    That’s what it is, he looks so refreshed and good. Living for the eyebrows. Really enjoying this realness. You look phenomenal.

    • Moosling says:

      I was staring at him for quite a bit trying to figure out what was different about his appearance because I couldn’t put my finger on it and right before he said so I realized it was the brows lol

  8. Coco Rose says:

    Hi Jeffree, as somebody who has lived in China for several years, it touches my heart for somebody to give positive (and HONEST) exposure for something amazing from the country I love so much. There is so much anti-China/Chinese product rhetoric out there from westerners, but in all my time and interactions with people/system there – I had nothing but amazing experiences. Thank you ❤️

    • Ponylover Madden says:

      China tests on beloved animals is why there is so much anti-Chinese going around. Also, many factories there make very poor quality items and should I mention the BILLIONS in fake designer look-alikes they ship over here illegally? He is only talking about that brand not the whole picture. There is good reason China has the reputation it has.

    • annadeng dopamine says:

      @Laura Bondurant it ruined the mood… i just feel bad all of a sudden..

    • sevens 129 says:

      @Jenelle Yukiko Hortensias I’m sorry, what do you mean by there IS genocide going on? You mean the biggest lie from western media about Xinjiang? Tell me how this is a genocide when Uyghurs population increased from 2 Mil to 12 mil? You take lies so seriously and pointing your fingers but how about the actual real genocide conducted by Japanese during WWII to people in Nanjing? You guys killed 300K of innocent civilians in just 6 weeks and NEVER apologized!?!?

    • morgandancer123 says:

      As someone also living in China, I’m loving that he’s teaching out to some of these brands as well.

      For those coming into the comments with negativity, good God please just stop. DON’T comment something unless you know the whole picture and have the research to back it up besides a quick Google search.

    • Nip says:

      Doesn’t China hate America?

  9. Jose Nolasco says:

    The packaging and attention to detail 🙌🏼 I would say that it does cater to the Asian market with the buildable eye shadows and the ability to fade out the lip products . I love

  10. Leigh Cooper says:

    It was fun to see you doing this again. And while the makeup isn’t a solid winner for me, it certainly is beautiful.

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