Trying To Blow Bubbles With My Hair

Trying To Blow Bubbles With My Hair

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48 Responses

  1. Shoelace Kink says:

    What Jenna wanted: Functional bubble wand hair

    What Jenna got: Functional bubble wand hair and hours of sit-ups

  2. A. Sayied says:

    They should start incorporating the bubble crunch in the ab workout routine.

  3. Lauryn Michelle says:

    Julien: Yeah this doesn’t look fun for you

    Also Julien: Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!

  4. Disa Drachenberg says:

    Jenna and Simply Nailogical should get together and do each other’s hair. They’re the only 2 playing the don’t cut your hair game lol

  5. polomonkey27 says:

    Does anyone else really wish she had added the reactions to her seeing/editing the footage at the end? She was so disheartened at the end because she hadn’t yet seen all the greatness herself. I hope you’re proud of what you accomplished, Jenna!

  6. Kerry-anne Middlemore says:

    Tricking Jenna into doing sit ups for 12 minutes

    I love how when Jenna was throwing her hair about the dogs came over like mom are u ok

  7. Jared Glidden says:

    This video could’ve been alternatively titled “Jenna Does Sit Ups for 45 Minutes”

  8. Jay Flowers says:

    Jenna: This game “Don’t cut your hair since 2017”
    Julien: You’re the only one playing that game, and you’re winning.
    SimplyN Cristine: Beesh, hold my overnight oats…

  9. Meg says:

    alternative title: becoming a teletubie

  10. LexiJayC says:

    I was literally typing that they needed more bubble solution in the tray and Jenna went “stop it!” ._.

  11. Merry Christmas says:

    Jenna: “I feel like this is a fun activity for, you know, all the people like me that are playing the fun game called “Don’t Cut Your Hair Since 2017 for No Reason Whatsoever”
    Julien: “You’re the only one playing that game and you’re winning”
    Me: “…. but like… I’m playing it too! Let’s compare hair length and dryness/damage! I challenge you Jenna!”

    P.S. The ending killed me xD when you slapped your hair on the ground

  12. lil jones says:

    When Jenna Marbles says she doesn’t click bait SHE DOESN’T CLICK BAIT

  13. Caitlin J says:

    I feel like she could’ve been an extra as a Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas with this hairstyle

  14. greta digiorgio says:

    Jenna: * is making a YouTube video *
    The littles: yes this is normal
    Bunny: wtf

  15. Alena16 20 says:

    Alternative title: Jenna unintentionally flexing her ab muscles on us while intentionally doing it to em bubbly style

  16. Rose Gnobahs says:

    The world: panicking over coronavirus

    Jenna: making bubbles with my hair

  17. John Sadler says:

    Julien – “It’s a bubble! It’s a bubble!”
    Jenna *clearly over the whole situation* “Blow on it then!”

  18. Brittany Wentz says:

    News: “Areas closing due to corona virus. Stay indoors.”

    Jenna: *stays indoors BUT utilizes time to become a damn human bubble wand… xD

  19. Simon Woodhouse says:

    Jenna: * minding her own business *
    Julien: “…………….. it popped.”

  20. Theresa Lynn says:

    Concept: Jenna does splatter paint with her hair!

    Just get a canvas,paint and throw that hair in a pony tail and you be unstoppable with your splatter art!

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