Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game 2

Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game 2

edited by Jake Mayer


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37 Responses

  1. Cryptid on Strike says:

    This has the potential to be a long-running series and I support it unconditionally

  2. Totally AJ says:

    I’m the “A Grand tough guy in Miami” developer lol, it was a shitty highschool project we had to work on 6 years or so ago and guess what? Gta was my favorite game so I was like fuck it why not make a test rip off of it? And I have to say that I’m really grateful that Danny actually took the time to play it, I must admit that I accidentally forgot to add hospital’s development script before posting it on the App store, good luck surviving if anyone plays it, Sergey out

  3. Nintendawg 6 says:

    Can we make it a trend to have Danny review a horse-themed game each time he makes a video like this

  4. chloe says:

    as someone from miami myself, i must admit that game was very realistic. 10/10 love the guys that square up every morning. wouldn’t be miami without them

  5. Flare boy says:

    If he continues this he better have at least 1 weird horse game in each to keep the trend going after these last two. Also if he makes another music video I hope Danny does that dance from the president game.

  6. Priestess says:

    I want to confess that when I was 13, I played the horse dating simulator every day for 3 months. I am now 20 and this burden has weighed me down for years. That horse took so much from me.

  7. helen grugett says:

    can we appreciate the effort danny put into setting the theme for each game like damn

  8. 5foot Giant says:

    My fave thing is that this is currently #5 for gaming…Danny is in fact a true gamer after all

  9. Vi Pa says:

    Let’s never forget the last time Danny did this video he uncovered an app that seemed to be tricking children into chatting with adults

    • mlpdisneylover says:

      @Vi Pa oh my god?

    • Vi Pa says:

      ​@maria clara castellucci The boyfriend simulator seems like it was a very predatory app. It was a 100% knockoff of a huge app, but it only had 6 users. Danny couldn’t access anything on the app besides a generic computer until he got past a paywall. Then immediately past the paywall the AI starts talking and typing like a human, and even telling Danny that he was a “nasty boy”. Keep in mind Danny claimed to be a little girl.

      The biggest red flag of all is the app and the developer deleted themselves from the store within an hour of the video being published.

    • maria clara castellucci says:

      wait what

  10. I like art says:

    i was having a really awful day, and this video came out of no where. thank you danny for brightening so many people’s days!!

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