Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game 3

Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game 3

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edited by Jake Mayer


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24 Responses

  1. James B says:

    Literally nothing makes a series better than when it’s chaotic, janky, AND Danny likes making it

  2. Jenifer Joseph says:

    The wildest part of the kissing simulator game was that everything Danny guessed about the game was not only true but more terrifying than you could imagine

  3. MosquitoDeleto says:

    It felt like Danny buzzed his head only 2 days ago and his hair is always back to normal, this shows how terrifying of a specimen he is.

  4. Bentijon says:

    Danny’s transitions are SO good. As are his sets. Very good job Danny, we appreciate you.

  5. plushdragonteddy says:

    i love that danny saw ragdolling for the first time and immediately thought “she looks like a rag doll!!” he may not play many games, but he’s a gamer at heart 😌

  6. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    copyright laws are just copyright suggestions when you’re a questionable iOS game studio

  7. gothussy says:

    I’m not really someone who’s easily grossed out but looking at two gigantic tounges touching each other to the point of making someone cry while eating breakfast really is testing my gag reflex ngl

  8. Sia says:

    I love how Drew and Danny are completely in sync with their brand deals

  9. Nick Grey says:

    Drew and Danny: We are not the same person

    Also Drew and Danny: Switch from hello fresh to factor at the same time

  10. JHM says:

    No wonder Danny’s so wholesome, he doesn’t game.

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