Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game

Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game

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39 Responses

  1. dakblake says:

    Haha playing terrible mobile games is the best!
    By the way, I think the reason why the Granny game description is so weird is because they are trying to ripoff both the “Granny Mobile Game” and “Hello Neighbor” so they throw in a ton of useless sentences and keywords.
    Also, after playing hundreds of terrible mobile games and ripoffs and going completely insane, you have to use airplane mode. Its a life saver XD

  2. Juliet says:

    I know getting a therapist is not accessible for everyone and better help seems like a good alternative but they’ve had so many negative user experiences, they do more harm than good. Kinda surprised to see Danny sponsered by them as they did a lot of promotion like this before and then all the negative experiences came after which isn’t hard to find when doing some research. I hope we can warn people and not have new people experience the same 🙁

    • Mey says:

      I remember trying to get an appointment with one of their therapists and she never showed up lmao

    • Juliet says:

      @Jay Schroeder that’s great but that doesn’t take away a lot of people didn’t have the same experience. This service should be handled with a certain level of precaution. The backlash the company received was also about the data they collected and their payment plans not being transparent etc. This could have been improved and be better now but it’s only fair to tell people to be careful based on all that has happened.

    • I hate myself with a passion says:

      @Matt Lel theyre just warning other people not to use such a shitty service

  3. Philip says:

    My wife tried better help. It’s not better. Nor is it helpful. Her “therapist” kept telling her she was “doing great” or “making amazing progress” but literally didn’t suggest anything helpful. This was her 3rd or 4th “therapist” that she’d tried. The one before that told her she’d never be happy at work and will never find a job she enjoys. It’s not a useful service

  4. JD BW says:

    I’m so glad BetterHelp turned me away for being too severe a trauma disability case to handle because I’ve heard some horrifying reports of the way they treat their clients *and* staff. I really don’t understand creators who don’t look into the sponsors they take on…Please don’t take the risk, Greg.

    • Darcey says:

      This is unrelated but I just wanted to check if you’re doing okay? I can’t imagine what you’ve been through to be turned away from therapy due to severity, that must be absolutely heartbreaking. I really hope you’ve found a therapist that will help you ❤️

  5. char says:

    To explain the main floor/first floor thing:

    The game was probably made by a European or some other part of the world where floors are counted in the same way. I’m swedish and it always annoyed me as a kid that the ground floor wasn’t considered the first floor but it makes more sense if you consider that most European languages have different words for “floor” and “floor” with the word for counting levels often implying something’s aloft. It’s also pretty common for the ground floor to be called something completely different from the rest of the floors.

    Like, in Swedish “golv” is the thing that you walk on, “våning” is the word for a house’s levels. The French equivalents would be “plancher” and “étage”, in Italian it’s “pavimento” and “piano” and in German it’s “Fußboden” and “Stock”. However, both French and German have more unique names for the ground floor, “rez-de-chaussée” and “Erdgeschoss” respectively.(iirc you could say Obergeschoss instead of Stock in German though but it’s been years since I studied it)

    Also, basements are very common here and generally houses are built more organically(like on hill or mountain side, in weird grooves etc) than in the US so if you step inside a building you’re unfamiliar with you can’t always know whether or not you’re on the lowest floor; you do know you’re on the main/ground floor.

    Tl;dr it’s not just a weird quirk of the game, it’s a weird quirk of many different cultures but there is logic behind it!

    • char says:

      @Adam Adam Oh interesting! Do you have a Danish word similar to våning that you use differently? (like in Swedish “rolig” means fun/funny but in Danish it means calm)

    • BigFanOfManyThings says:

      Yeah, I’m English and it’s usually the ‘ground floor’, then the upstairs is the ‘first floor’. I don’t even personally like saying it like that haha

    • Andrew Mayes says:

      I was checking to see if anyone commented this. It’s a European thing. I remember using a game walkthrough that also did the “ground floor/first floor” thing and being constantly confused until I learned what they actually meant.

    • carollua says:

      it’s pretty common in Brazil too, the “ground floor” is often called “térreo” (basically means “on the ground”)

    • maiv says:

      yeah, was gonna make a comment myself, but you have made such a nice one 🙂
      ground floor (like ground level lol) usually signifies that it is on the same level as the surrounding terrain ^^

      in polish we also have different word for floor (piętro, podłoga), but the ground floor has it’s own special name (parter) too, so i think it’s a very european thing to do ^^

      in this case, i think british english uses ground floor and then starts with numbers basically, bcs the dictionary probably gave the british english definition when they were translating it

  6. Ft.MeganMcCarthy says:

    Just a warning about betterhelp: I asked for a trauma therapist (I’ve since read that that’s not necessarily something they help with, even if you can check a box for it) and when I described my issue, the first thing she asked was something along the lines of, “Are you sure it’s that big of a deal” and proceeded to send me CBT worksheets.
    Of course there’s bad therapists outside of betterhelp, but I’ve seen plenty growing up, and they’ve never victim blamed me lol. Just look out for yourselves, and know therapists aren’t always right.

    • Roxy Buckley says:

      Not saying there isn’t issue with BetterHelp but I have had a therapist who I was referred to by my doctor accuse me of exaggerating my abuse and victim blaming me, bad therapists exist everywhere

    • Penelope Anne💌💐 says:

      @Grace Days he probably doesn’t know

    • Kenna Palmer says:

      Yup yup yup. I did the same thing, and while talking about having PTSD, she essentially said she doesn’t “do” labels (like… yknow… an actual diagnosis) and I should practice deep breathing. Totally cut me off and dismissed me. I switched therapists 4 times before I quit it, and one of them literally ghosted me for a week, missed our appointments, and pretended like she didn’t know what I was talking about.

    • Ft.MeganMcCarthy says:

      @Silverporium They’re just people with degrees. They’ve got their own lives, philosophies, biases, and they can only really go off what you tell them. It’s a huge part of a therapeutic relationship to be able to tell your therapist when you don’t think they got it right, and trusting yourself is a big part of being a healthy person. Believe me, I love my therapist and she’s on it most of the time, but ultimately she doesn’t know my life as well as I do.

  7. Che Mitchell says:

    I know that lots of people are criticising betterhelp, while also not blaming you for not knowing about it. I love your channel but I have to say, we as a community need to hold creators accountable. Please do more research into the sponsorships you do Danny. It’s actually not understandable that you didn’t do research into betterhelp, and how genuinely harmful and misleading they are as a company. You have a platform that people trust, and you may have directly harmed someone’s mental health by promoting this company. That’s on you. Do better. Great video, other than that 🙂

    • cw says:

      @Strawberry 333 yeah literally one google search was all it took to see the scandals associated with bh

    • Tinkabouthat says:

      I completely agree, although it would be indirect as opposed to direct which would be better help themselves who are directly harming, it’s them doing the action and Danny is indirectly harming people through leading them to it

    • Strawberry 333 says:

      My thoughts exactly! Love Danny, but yeah, he definitely should have done more research.

  8. Sunny says:

    Love the increasingly absurd setups LOL I don’t know why it was necessary to be outside for the mommy simulator but I’m glad you were. I would rate this video five stars on the App Store.

  9. One Topic At A Time says:

    say what you will but *Bad Granny Angry Grandma* sounds like absolute🔥

  10. Zoë says:

    As a kid who grew up in the early 2000s/2010s, it’s funny to see Danny not understand the clear rip-offs these apps are from other popular franchises, the most obvious one being the Talking Horse game ripping off the Talking Tom/Talking Angela games.

    • Jocelyne cupcake says:

      Unlike that talking Angela game, the talking horse doesn’t look like it tracks you

    • xman says:

      @Dylan Rodrigues cant wait for ‘Only 2000s kids will get it right” buzzfeed quiz

    • Dylan Rodrigues says:

      It’s interesting to see “well, I’m an early 2000s/2010s kid” slowly become the new “I’m a 90s kid, hit like if you relate”

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