Trying to Help in Flooded Houston…

Trying to Help in Flooded Houston…

Please donate to
They are a nonprofit Christian organization that serves people in times of war, poverty, disease and natural disasters all over the world. They are now collecting funds for aid in Houston.

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20 Responses

  1. blossom cat says:

    As crazy as I sound but ladies sanitary napkins as well as diapers. But well done mr good call.

  2. momo says:

    Please be extremely careful the electric companies haven’t turned off a lot of the power to most of those areas. I get it that people need electric but once water gets over a few inches they should turn it off.

  3. Nathaniel R says:

    I have family in Louisiana and their houses are about to be flooded

  4. Ann My cabe says:

    You are wonderful to take time out of your life to help out .

  5. Lisa Mills says:

    You have a good heart. God bless

  6. Hank Costello says:

    Thank you For helping out our state Big fan God will bless you Thanks for helping out a lot

  7. Dripping Water says:

    🤔 The thumbnails is very helpful…. I hope everyone made it safely & everything will be ok btw God bless Everyone

  8. Kevin Kuyl says:

    screw superman, this man’s a goddamn hero!

  9. Bob ShitDickSam says:

    We really should find people that had $150k and below homes and no flood insurance and make big donations to them.

  10. Securitydude83 says:

    21:00 That’s why I carry a pistol Matt, cops are too heavy.

  11. Marie M says:

    Thank you!

  12. Jose Coronado says:

    This is what Americans is about …..

  13. XxCalebskixX says:

    Great job man. That’s so nice and so helpful

  14. Tom Dellinger says:

    I’ve been a fan for a while now but I just got Charlotte my 6 year old daughter to watch this video and now you are all she wants to watch keep up the great work your awesome

  15. mike silva says:

    watching you is better than any TV news station.

  16. yoeri Lethalis says:

    Amazing what you guys did! to all of them, how to get such water out of the streets :o??

  17. urbanoutlaw says:

    God bless u brother on behalf of houston

  18. Foxez1525 Murderer says:

    I think ur a floor because jake did this

  19. Roger Stibbins says:

    4:31 that’s a car vending machine…

  20. Sofia Stasinos says:


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