Trying To Make My Own Wig

Trying To Make My Own Wig

Here’s (one of) the videos I watched by Bronniee that inspired me to make this and really made me feel like I could do this.

I couldn’t though. She has god tier skills I’m telling you.

There’s also so so many more that are really helpful and wonderful as well. I’m assuming this takes an awful lot of practice lol.

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42 Responses

  1. Camloser says:

    Looked like Tana Mongeau’s hair before the dye

  2. Zaroclaw says:

    How is no one talking about the fact she looks like Kim Possible omg ???

  3. Mariellen Stathopoulos says:

    *Jenna’s previously died hair:* feels like a bag of Doritos
    *Jenna’s wig now:* looks like a bag of Doritos

  4. Kimberly Tricia says:

    I always wondered what Chucky from Rugrats mom looked like

  5. jackierose11 says:

    “Pray for no wind” me after I spend 3 hours on my curly wash day LOL

  6. cessi2 says:

    brush it out, curl it, wear it with a black neat dude beanie

    itll look great

    at least for halloween

  7. Heaven Toms says:

    9:54 Actual footage of Tana Mongoose’s head.

  8. Melanie says:

    “Dimension is gonna save this wig”

    yeah, an alternate dimension maybe

  9. Michael Weiss says:

    you and julien look like every guy from a 80s hair metal band in that wig.

  10. Melanie says:

    the horror movie edits are gonna be hilarious for this one ?

  11. Melanie says:

    “Who should i blame? ME?! I don’t wanna!”

    we can relate ??

  12. FairlyFickle says:

    I love that inspired poem at the end:
    “I tried. I failed. I can not do this.” Really hits home.

  13. Mia Fierce says:

    “When you turn in your test to the teacher and when the teacher asks you to show work…”-Julien

  14. PricklyAlpaca says:

    Please make a video where kermit just tries on wigs because he looks delightful

  15. Christian V says:

    There is something about Juliens face that literally comes alive when he puts on a wig and I am such a stan for it

  16. P. Luna says:

    “Is there something going on between y’all?!”
    Jenna getting a little jealous, Julien ask her out already!

  17. enter username says:

    Heres a video idea: Trying to make my own Beard wig…

  18. mechacoffee says:

    Jenna: I haven’t touched my hair in years
    Also Jenna: I’m giving myself a perm


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      Females should Also stay away from trousers, short skirts, tight clothes, half naked clothes, other seductive clothes that reveals and exposes parts of the body all these impure clothes makes men to commit the terrible sin of lust that the devil is using to take people to hell.

      In their testimonies, Many christians said that JESUS showed them the spiritual world and that they saw christian and non Christian women in hell for using these impure things.

      Here is one of the testimonies,

      search for ( testimony princess diana, gaddafi, michael jackson, footballers, prostitutes & pastors in hell. ) Or click this link and hear the testimony of a guy who said that he had a near death experience and saw people in hell who used those impure demonic things. In the testimony, he also said he saw michael jackson and other famous people in hell.

      There are many other testimonies including rechael mushala. Gabriel kokou doufle.

    • KpoppedByMyMicrowave says:

      YAHUWEHISMIGHTY literally no one gives a shit about what ur talking about lmao

      We wear and do what we wanna do

      U live ur life following whatever u believe aight bye

    • Genevieve says:

      YAHUWEHISMIGHTY oh shut the fuck up

    • Payton Taylor says:

      YAHUWEHISMIGHTY wait this is a joke right like there’s no way

  19. Jacquelyn S says:

    “Should I chuck this in the pool?”
    “No. No.”
    Role reversal

  20. Jade says:

    me an ex hair dresser who makes wigs for dolls:
    having an aneurysm but trying to be supportive

    • Wifey Wubs says:

      Ooh ooh, share with us what went wrong in the creative process! 😮 cause I’m not gonna lie I’d have probably went the same route as Jenna, except try to find something that wasnt a hair cap for the wig base…lol

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