Trying to play Gameboy

Trying to play Gameboy

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20 Responses

  1. Mike Rotch says:

    She’s such a heaux!

  2. Tosteto Lightsky says:

    lol This video made me shake my head, but at the same time it’s understandable; your introduced to something like the Gameboy after playing with an Ipad at that age, this is probably going to happen to the youngster.

  3. Panos Toumpacity says:

    why is this on the trends ?

  4. amg404 says:

    at least she won’t be stealing your remote control batteries .

  5. Bubba Fetz says:

    Not a 90s kid clearly

  6. MoarRobots says:

    Kids these days are living off iPhones and doesn’t know to even do common things. I could see it in my baby cousins, who can’t even talk but knows how to use a iPhone. If I ever have a child, I would try to just be me and the baby and no electronics. It is really sad to see, parents giving their baby a phone instead of their attention.

  7. Sawazi says:

    26 subs the time I get back he will probably have 1K subs.

  8. SoundsLikeAlotOfHoopla says:

    You don’t have to be a certain age to know how to work a gameboy

  9. Know the Truth The Truth shall set you FREE says:

    That would be me 😂…I do that with my daughters laptop😂

  10. luis lopez says:

    She has a killer right-about-face.

  11. Andres Reza says:

    You fail as a parent

  12. D3C3n50r says:

    The gameboy will always be superior to any touchscreen crap they keep releasing…

  13. Abdallah zahr says:

    I hate this generation.

  14. burbuja21 says:

    It’s nothing compared to when I saw a 2 year old baby girl choosing a movie in Netflix from an IPhone .-. THAT was more painful… damn she even put play and pause..

  15. ItzJohnyPlayer says:

    Not everything is fucking touch screen

  16. GordyBreech says:

    I’m not that old and this was painful for me to watch.

  17. King Buu says:

    These hate comments are horrible she is just a little kid she has no knowledge of what’s new or old.She is probably used to touchscreen’s technology we are all using something new like a laptop,computer,a phone etc.

  18. shadowthehedgehog181 says:

    She thinks it’s a tablet xD

  19. Josh Gordon says:

    Does she think it’s an IPhone?

  20. Dev ArtiZ says:

    13 second video in trending of toddler trying to play a gameboy How?

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