Trying Troom Troom’s Awful Kidnapping Hacks

Trying Troom Troom’s Awful Kidnapping Hacks

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nicks channel
shot by christian owens

got kidnapped :/

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41 Responses

  1. Danny Gonzalez says:

    Thanks to RhinoShield for sponsoring this video! Use code “DANNY” for 20% off in the first week (10% after)
    RhinoShield All Cases:
    RhinoShield Collab Designs:

  2. beio says:

    The narrator’s voice is in my worst nightmares, just narrating everything with their high pitched voice

  3. Twigg says:

    The scariest thing about this whole thing is that when someone actually does get kidnapped and tries to think back to this, the only things that will come to mind is that screechy baby voice and that pumpkin head

    • Undefined ƒ(x) says:

      “Has your head been cut off? Oh no.
      Well don’t worry, all you need is a hot glue gun and a shoe lace and you’ll be buying your kidnappers iPhone’s in no time!”

  4. Banyan Indigo Victor says:

    just gonna put this out there, if you actually get kidnapped, focus on staying alive and calm, not breaking out of whatever restraints you might have on. you won’t be able to magically get away just because you aren’t restrained anymore, and, unless you have a very clear opportunity (like being left alone in a room full of weapons) escape should be lower on your list of priorities than finding a way to contact the police.

  5. Mr/Clusterfuck says:

    So proud of Nick, he used to just be Kurts Connor’s editor and look at him now! He upgraded all the way to being Danny’s kidnapper

  6. Rana Najafzade says:

    Kinda disapponted that Danny didn’t say “Arrivederci, losers” instead of “bye” at the end

  7. FluidlyGay says:

    “Now I’m gonna crush your bones.” Slowly leaning back in chair.

    I fucking DIED laughing

  8. moony says:

    Can’t believe danny would rent out a garage for this when his basement literally looks like a kidnapper’s dungeon

  9. Notsuchabadguy says:

    Just in case anyone’s wondering: Snapping someone’s neck (at least the way it’s shown in movies and in this video) is total fiction. The human neck isn’t a twig, it requires a great deal of force to break, the kind of force most people won’t be able to generate, especially in one swift, smooth motion. If it really was that easy, we’d be seeing a lot more broken necks from people getting punched in boxing.

    What makes this even funnier for me though, is that the actress in the video is shown as doing it while the kidnapper is attacking her from behind and she’s clearly struggling to so much as get a solid grip on him. So what, is she breaking his neck using only the power of her wrists? That’s one crazy strong kidnappee right there!

    • m'elody says:

      Yeah, and like… her mouth was literally *on* his arm. If she wanted him to be in so much pain that he let go, she could’ve just bit him.

    • Parking_lot182 says:

      I remember learning this when I was told that when they would hang people back in the day most of the time they didnt die right away they hung their struggling until they lost breathe

  10. Just A Person says:

    Plot twist: the camera person is actually a kidnappee, and danny is taunting them by showing them all the ways they could escape, but can’t because danny knows about them

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